Anthologies   •   Another Feast Of Irish Folk (USA)

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  • Another Feast of Irish Folk
    • 1980 - Peters International PLD 2074 LP (USA)

  • Credits
    • Jack B. Yeats — illustrations reproduced by kind permission of the Cuala Press, Dublin.

Sleeve Notes

Few, if any, countries can match Ireland's tradition of folk music. From times immemorial, songs and music were sung and played at wakes and weddings, hearth and home, markets and crossroad gatherings. In fact, wherever people came together.

Many colourful emerged as balladeers and musicians. Their compositions covered every subject under the sun — love,war, triumphs, tragedies, acts man and nature, local events and people. The songs and ballads were carefully passed down from generation to generation to become part of a proud and vibrant national folk memory.

The safe preservation of this vast store of folk music and song, was greatly enhanced in recent decades by the advances in recording techniques. Similarly, advances in communication helped the rise of many Irish folk singers and ballad groups to both national and international fame.

This is regarded as the best album to date of Ireland's folk groups — already an international best seller.

Peters International now releases this welcome compilation of the most popular ballads of Ireland. We trust you will enjoy this spirited L.P. — Slainte