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The Jolly Beggarmen   •   20 Great Irish Drinking Songs — Volume Two

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  • 20 Great Irish Drinking Songs — Volume Two
    • 1978 - ID Records IDLP 2016 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Black Velvet Band (Trad. Arr. Jolly Beggarmen)
    2. One Road (Donovan)
    3. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Paterson)
    4. Carrick Fergus
    5. The Town I Loved So Well (Coulter)
    6. The Oul' Triangle (Brendan Behan)
    7. God Save Ireland (Words T.D. Sullivan, Trad. Arr. Jolly Beggarmen)
    8. Take It Down (Trad. Arr. Jolly Beggarmen)
    9. Seán South From Garryowen (Trad. Arr. Jolly Beggarmen)
    10. Sam Hall (Trad. Arr. Jolly Beggarmen)
  • Side Two
    1. The Rare Oul' Times (Mooney)
    2. The Nightingale
    3. Many Young Men of Twenty (J.B. Keane)
    4. Fiddler's Green (Connelly)
    5. Arthur McBride (Trad. Arr. Jolly Beggarmen)
    6. Cliffs of Dooneen (Trad. Arr. Jolly Beggarmen)
    7. Woman From Belfast
    8. Rocky Road to Dublin
    9. Only Our Rivers Run Free
    10. Leaving of Liverpool

  • The Jolly Beggarmen
    • Tommy Jenkinson: Vocals & Mandolin
    • Johnny Carroll: Banjo, Vocals. Guitar & Tin Whistle
    • Charlie Clarke: Vocals & Mandolin
    • Michael Heffernan: Guitar & Vocals
  • Special thanks to:
    • Joe White: Guitar & Vocals
    • Seán Óg McKenna: Banjo, Mandolin, & Vocals on "The Oul'd Triangle"
    • Mia McSweeney: Fiddle
    • Regie Lloyd: Double Bass
    • Adam Conlan

Sleeve Notes

You're holding in your hands the album they said couldn't be made, Volume 2 of "20 Great Irish Drinking Songs". Unsuspecting record buyers all over the country were driven to inflict personal injury on their own vocal chords by the sheer infectious-ness of Volume 1, and you could be running the same risk with this, the latest collection from the talented Jolly Beggarmen. With songs ranging from the rousing "On The One Road" and "Rocky Road To Dublin", to the haunting "Rare Oul' Times" and "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda". An evening with these four talented musicians and their friends is an intoxicating experience.