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The Jolly Beggarmen   •   20 Great Irish Drinking Songs (Volume One) (1980)

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  • 20 Great Irish Drinking Songs (Volume One)
    • 1980 - Dolphin DOLM 5027 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Take Her Up To Monto
    2. Wild Rover
    3. A Nation Once Again
    4. Whiskey In The Jar
    5. Big Strong Man
    6. Holy Ground
    7. Spancil Hill
    8. Paddy On The Railway
    9. Merry Ploughboy
    10. Biddy Mulligan
  • Side Two
    1. Jug Of Punch
    2. Waxies Dargle
    3. Spanish Lady
    4. Old Man In The Garret
    5. Henry My Son
    6. Bog Down In The Valley-O
    7. Peggy Gordon
    8. Finnegan's Wake
    9. All For Me Grog
    10. Dicey Riley

  • The Jolly Beggarmen
    • Tommy Jenkinson: Vocals & Mandolin
    • Charlie Clarke: Vocals & Mandolin
    • Joe White: Vocals & Guitar
    • Johnny Carroll: Banjo, Vocals, Guitar & Tin Whistle
  • Credits
    • Produced and Engineered by Paul Waldron at Trend Studios, Dublin.

Sleeve Notes

This record is the product of diligent research by teams of unpaid volunteers who without thought to their moral or physical welfare toured the pubs of Ireland to find out what songs were lifting the roofs at closing time. Although many of these brave researchers were never seen again, enough information reached us to enable us to produce this, the definitive Irish drinking record. Just one look at the titles will convince you that every song that has ever roused the drinking public is included. The Jolly Beggarman, who, with the help of their many friends sing the songs on this album, are already deservedly famous for their rousing on-stage performance, a performance which is successfully captured on this record.