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Mick Hanly   •   All I Remember

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  • All I Remember
    • 1989 - Ringsend MHLP1 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Still Haven't Managed
    2. Birthmark
    3. Free To Run
    4. Pass The Point of Rescue
    5. Fall Like A Stone
  • Side Two
    1. My Love Is In America
    2. All I Remember
    3. Cold War
    4. Landslide
    5. Above Waterline

  • Musicians
    • Mick Hanly: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
    • Anto Drennan: Electric Guitar
    • Davy Spillane: Low Whistle and Pipes
    • Des Moore: Acoustic Guitar
    • Dolores Keane: Vocals ("My Love Is In America")
    • Dónal Lunny: Bouzouki & Synthesiser
    • Garvan Gallagher: Bass
    • Ian Smith: Trumpet
    • James Delaney: Keyboards, Organ & Synthesiser
    • John Ryan: Keyboards, Organ & Piano
    • Keith Donald: Clarinet & Saxophone
    • Noel Bridgeman: Percussion
    • Paul MacAteer: Drums
    • Paul Moran: Drums
    • Percy Robinson: Steel Guitar
    • Peter Condell: Electric Guitar
    • Philip King: Harmonica
    • Seán Garvey: Accordian
    • Tony Molloy: Bass
    • Backing Vocals: Karen Black, Shelley Buckspan, Aileen Pringle, Danny Sheerin & Janet Sheerin
    • Vermi-Oars: Jessica Hanly, Gayle Kendellen, Jenny Mitchell
  • Credits
    • Produced by Dónal Lunny for the Ringsend Road Music Group
    • Associate Producer: Mick Hanly
    • Associate Producer: Ken Kiernan (Track: 6)
    • Engineered and Mixed by Pearse Dunne
    • Mixed by Willie Mannion (Track: 7)
    • Assistant Engineer: Willie Mannion
    • Mastered at Townhouse (London) by Tony Cousins
    • Sleeve Design by Works Associates (Dublin)
    • Photography by Amelia Stein
    • All Titles: Words and Music Mick Hanly
    • All Titles Published: Barn Eadair Music 1989.

My sincerest thanks to the following whose contributions used and unused were invaluable: Paul MacAteer, Garvan Gallagher, Des Moore, Noallaig Bridgeman, John Ryan, Peter Condell, Keith Dónald, Davy Spillane, Seán Garvey, Máirtín O Connor, Philip King, Percy Robinson, Ian Smith, Paul Moran, Tony Molloy, Anto Drennan, James Delaney, Ken Kiernan, Karen Black, Aileen Pringle, Shelley Buckspan, Janet Sheerin, Danny Sheerin, Jessica Hanly, Gayle Kendellen, Jenny Mitchell, Andrew Boland, Phillip Begley, Jenny Delaney, Mary Skipton.

For Fiach O'Broinn