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The Corrib Folk   •   Sing Irish Men Sing

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  • Sing Irish Men Sing
    • 1976 - Homespun HRL 117 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Where The Three Counties Meet (Farrell)
    2. Spanish Lady
    3. Sam Hall
    4. The Singing Bird (E Wheeler)
    5. Arthur McBride
    6. Flower of Scotland (R Williamson)
    7. The Galway Races
  • Side Two
    1. Sing, Irishmen Sing (Payne)
    2. Spancil Hill
    3. Polkas: Sweeney's, Murphy's, Scarlet Glen, John Ryan's
    4. Lord Of the Dance (S. Carter)
    5. Only Our Rivers Run Free (McConnell)
    6. Ramblin Irishman (McGettigan)
    7. Orange and Green (A. Murphy)

  • Musicians
    • The group who all hail from Belfast (left to right on front of sleeve) are:
      • Stevie Regan: Whistle, Flute, Guitar, Bass
      • Jim Moran: G. Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
      • Liam Barr (standing): Guitar, Bodhrán, Vocal
      • Seán O'Neill: Guitar, Concertina, Vocals
      • Barry Nelson: Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar
  • Credits
    • Photograph taken inside Crosskey's Inn, Portglenone, in Co. Antrim
    • Produced by Billy McBurney
    • Sound Engineer Gel Fay, Outlet Recording Studio

Sleeve Notes

This is the second Corrib Folk Album. Since making their first ("The Corrib Folk" - Homespun HRL 107) The group has grown by leaps and bounds.

This may be due to the fact that since that album they have been appearing on BBC T.V., gone on a very successful tour of the United States or have been packing crowds into halls and cabaret rooms all over the north of Ireland.

It could be because the group is playing better than ever and presenting a stage show which has firmly established them as one of the top folk groups in Ireland.

Whatever the reason the Corrib Folk are here to stay and with this recording can only have created for themselves a chance to do even greater things in the future.