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The Corrib Folk   •   The Corrib Folk (White Stone)

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  • The Corrib Folk (White Stone)
    • 1975 - Homspun HRL 107 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. The Town I Loved So Well (Coulter)
    2. Galway Shawl (Arr. F. Gilllgan)
    3. Joe Hill (Robinson Hayes)
    4. Cliffs Of Duneen (Arr. F. Gilligan)
    5. Avondale (Arr. F. Gilllgan)
    6. The Alamo (Arr. F. Gilllgan)
    7. My Old Claddagh Ring (Kelly)
  • Side Two
    1. Doffin' Mistress (S. Patterson)
    2. Come By the Hills (W.G. Smith)
    3. Rocks Of Bawn (Arr. F. Gilllgan)
    4. The Gypsy (D. McWilliams)
    5. Star Of Logey Bay (S. Patterson)
    6. Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway (Rafferty)
    7. Whiskey On A Sunday (G. Hughes)

  • Musicians
    • Barry Nelson: Mandolin, Tenor Banjo and Acoustic Guitar
    • Liam Barr: Bodhrán, Guitar, and Vocals
    • Jim Moran: "G" Banjo, and Vocals
    • Stevie Regan: Tin Whistle, Flute, Mandolin and Bass Guitar
    • Seán O'Neill: Lead Vocals, Guitar and Concertina

Sleeve Notes

The Crosskeys in bygone days was a Coaching Inn used by the Union and Shamrock Coach Line. It was the main stop when travellers were going from Belfast and Antrim to Portglenone and Kilrea and is now a well known centre for traditional music, frequented by artists of world renown such as The Irish Rovers who have paid visits when they have returned home on holiday.

The Corrib Folk - named after a lake in Galway. They have been together for three years now; Barry, Liam and Jim were founder members and were joined 18 months ago by Stevie with Seán completing the set up 12 months later.

A brief study of the members:

Barry plays mandolin, tenor banjo and acoustic guitar. He switched from the showband scene to his first love, folk music and has never looked back since.

Liam plays bodhrán and guitar, with vocals. The "Lig" of the group, always ready with a smile and joke.

Jim plays "G" banjo, with vocals. Due to his training in electronics the group are fortunate in having a ready made P.A. engineer on stage.

Stevie plays tin whistle, flute, mandolin and bass guitar. A serious student of music, he practises at least once every six months on the guitar which he has been playing since he was seven years of age. He now has very short fingers.

Seán plays guitar, with vocals. Lead vocalist and a keen student of women and drink. Also tries to tell jokes on stage but the group usually manage to keep him singing.