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Diarmuid O'Leary and the Bards   •   Step It Out

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  • Step It Out
    • 1994 - Rego RCD 3028 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. The Gypsy Maiden (Dick Farrelly)
    2. Shaney (Kevin Johnson)
    3. Lannigans Ball
    4. The Liar (T. Makem)
    5. Carrickfergus
    6. Oldest Swinger In Town (Pickford, Wedlock, Newman)
    7. The Galway Races
    8. How's She Cuttin' (Nick McCarthy)
    9. Isle Of Innisfree (Dick Farrelly)
    10. Roisin Dubh
    11. The Old Dungarvan Oak (Frank Hennessy)
    12. The Little Shirt (My Mother Made For Me)

  • The Bards
    • Diarmuid O'Leary: Vocals & Guitar
    • Christy Sheridan: Mandolin, Banjo & Vocals
    • Fran Curry: Piano, Synthesizers & Accordion
    • Smithy: Electric & Double Bass & Vocals
  • Credits
    • All tracks Produced and arranged by Diarmuid O'Leary & The Bard, unless otherwise noted

Sleeve Notes

Ireland's Finest in Music, Song and Humor

Diarmuid O'Leary and THE BARDS, with several major hit songs to their credit, are now firmly established among the top entertainers in Ireland today. The leader and front man of the group is Diarmuid O'Leary (Vocals & Guitar), Christy Sheridan (Mandolin, Banjo & Vocals), Fran Curry (Piano, Synthesizers & Accordion) and Smithy (Electric & Double Bass & Vocals).

The group's first recording success came in 1980 with a No. 1 hit single "Lannigans Ball ", a song which became a classic, and one of the biggest selling records ever in Ireland. It featured "Groovy Julia" steppin' it out and had a phenomenal impact on the Irish public. Then in February 1984 came the release of "Oldest Swinger In Town ". Again this song had a similar dramatic impact and was in the National Top 30 Charts for three months. Both of these songs have earned their place in the annals of memorable hits.

While Diarmuid O'Leary and THE BARDS are popular with their comedy hit songs, an equally strong facet of the group is their ability to render a wide range of more serious and contemporary material. An example of their blend of repertoire can be had from their recorded tracks such as "Shaney Boy" (a thoughtful reflection on childhood) the 1990 comedy hit "How's She Cuttin'" "The Isle Of Innisfree" (that classic ballad from the film "The Quiet Man ") "Roisin Dubh" (the great traditional air from the film "Mise Eire ") "The Old Dungarvan Oak" and "The Gypsy Maiden ", banjo, mandolin and keyboard combinations of both traditional and contemporary tunes.

If you have the opportunity to see and hear Diarmuid O'Leary and THE BARDS, you will certainly enjoy their blend of music, song and humor and come away filled with the enthusiasm which they generate everywhere they appear.

"STEP IT OUT with Diarmuid O'Leary and THE BARDS" is their first album released in America.