Anthologies   •   Irish Cabaret, Jury's Hotel, Dublin

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  • Irish Cabaret, Jury's Hotel, Dublin
    • 1967 - Pye NPL 18186 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Selection of Reels: Fairy Reel/Fates Reel — Albert Healy
    2. An Samradh Aoibhinn — Little Dublin Singers
    3. Boulavogue — John MacNally
    4. Johnston's Motor Car The Johnstons
    5. A Galwayman's Philosophy (Monologue) — Cecil Nash
    6. Bunnan Bui (The Yellow-Bittern) Johnny McEvoy
    7. Irish Patrol — Patrick O'Hagan
    8. The Dublin Sauter — Eugene Lambert
    9. Oft in the Stilly Night — Harpists
  • Side Two
    1. Set Dance, 3 Sea Captains — Albert Healy
    2. Ireland Mother Ireland — Patrick O'Hagan
    3. Off to Philadelphia — John MacNally
    4. The Castle of Dromore — Harpists
    5. Danny Boy — Mary Sheridan
    6. Mary Of Dungloe — The Johnstons
    7. Dear Old Donegal — Eugene Lambert
    8. Eileen Oge — John MacNally

Sleeve Notes

A wonderful souvenir of Ireland, this record brings you authentic songs, music and performances from the famous Irish Cabaret at Jury's Hotel, Dublin. Throughout the summer season, night after night Ireland's top performers present an intimate, typically Irish show, where guests and artistes mingle ilke old friends at a hooley. On this record the cream of these performances has been skimmed to make a lasting memory of Ireland, an evergreen memory of Jury's to those who have joined in one of our cabaret nights, a refreshing experience to those who have not yet had that pleasure. This record brings you the very essence of Ireland, unique and unforgettable. From Jury's, Dublln, to you … anywhere in the wide world.