Anthologies   •   Topic Sampler No. 3: Men at Work

  • Topic Sampler No. 3: Men at Work
    • 1966 - Topic TPS 166 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Hilo Johnny Brown Louis Killen & chorus: from Farewell Nancy (12T110)
    2. Three Score and Ten The Watersons: from New Voices (12T125)
    3. The Shining Birch Tree — Perry Friedman: Vive La Canadienne (TOP 56)
    4. The Davison-Wilder Blues — Hedy West: from Old Times and Hard Times (12T117)
    5. Drumdelgie — Dave Campbell: from The Singing Campbells (12T120)
    6. The Row Between the Cages Bob Davenport and the Celebrated Working Men's Band: from The Iron Muse (12T86)

  • Notes
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