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  • Folk Songs For Little Sailors
    • 1966 - Riverside (Wonderland Series) RLP 1424 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Sail Away, Sail Away Bob Gibson
    2. The Walloping Windowblind/The Bold Fisherman Oscar Brand
    3. High Barbary/The Sailor's Hornpipe — Billy Faier
    4. The Fishes Song/The Golden Vanitee [sic]Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl
    5. Two Little Boats I Spy — Louise DeCormier
  • Side Two
    1. The Mermaid — John Runge
    2. The Flying Dutchman — Dean Gitter
    3. Belfast Hornpipe Margaret Barry
    4. Sir Patrick Spens Ed McCurdy
    5. Bunch Of Roses — Oscar Brand
    6. Midnight On The Ocean — Oscar Brand
    7. Sailing Along and Singing — The Renaissance Chorus

  • Credits
    • Compiled by Leo Israel from the Riverside folk-song collection.
    • Edited by Kenneth S. Goldstein.

Sleeve Notes

Welcome to Riverside's WONDERLAND!

This record is one of a series of 12-inch long-play :records designed to take children into a delightful and exciting world of entertainment. You can learn wonderful things from these records (about the sounds of the world around us, for instance; or the favorite songs of children in far-off lands), but it never has to seem like learning. That's part of the magic — for all of these tours into Wonderland are under the guidance of celebrated performers, including some of the most famous and most sparkling names in the entertainment world: actors, musicians and singers whose skill and charm are well known to both children and grown-ups.

The series includes: a remarkable series of adventures with "Grandpa Magic," as portrayed by ED WYNN, one of the greatest and most lovable comedians of all time; concerts with famed pianist ALEC TEMPLETON; records about the "songs children sing" in many foreign lands, as sung in their native language and in English by folk-singers BOB and LOUISE DE CORMIER; story-telling at its most enchanting by such great actors as CYRIL RITCHARD and MARTYN GREEN; famous American folk-singers in delightful and rousing 'sing-along' albums; the joyful singing of "My Fair Lady" star STANLEY HOLLOWAY — and much, much more.

These albums are conceived, planned and produced by an experienced staff headed by Leo Israel, who has long been recognized as a leader in the children's record field. They call upon the services of highly talented performers, writers and directors. Recorded and processed at the finest and most modern high fidelity sound studios, Wonderland records are pressed on top-quality, unbreakable vinyl. All are attractively packaged, with delightful and colorful cover illustrations by outstanding artists.