Bob Lynch   •   Discography

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  • Bob Lynch
    • Born: May 18, 1935
    • Died: October 2, 1982
    • Dubliners'member: 1964-1965

Not a great deal is known about Bob Lynch except that he is another Dubliner, born and bred. He continued to play a very active part in the folk scene both at home and abroad for a number of years after he left the Dubliners. It is only in the last few years that little or nothing has been heard of him in that regard.

Bob is married and had three children at the last count. He also, as far as is known, continues to run his own electrical business not far from Dublin City Centre.

source: The Dubliners Scrapbook (1978)

… it was also through Bob (Lynch) that (John) Sheahan joined the Dubliners in 1964. Sadly, in a state of deep depression, Bob took his own life…

"His suicide was a shock," says Sheahan, "because he was always a very happy fella. Always cracking jokes. We drifted apart; I had lost contact with him for the previous five or six years before he died."

source: "The Dubliners: Legends in their own happy hour"
By Barry Egan
From: The Irish Independent