Tom Clancy

  • Tom Clancy
    • Born: October 29, 1924, Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
    • Died: November 7, 1990, Cork, Ireland
    • Group Member: 1956-1990

TOM CLANCY, often as not, leads off the rousing good spirits of the quartet, onstage and off! Curly-haired, broad of chest, an ex-boxer with the map of Erin on his face, Tom's preoccupation is making merry. Still, he shines best in two-fisted, blood-and-thunder rebel songs and manages, somehow to personally embody the indomitable militance of Ireland.

Whenever he performs "The Rising of the Moon" he conjures up stark visions of bursting shells, battle cries and pike wielding patriots. Like brother Pat, Tom was an officer in the R.A.F., and hardly a covert member of the I.R.A. His career, like Tommy Makem, began as a band singer in Ireland, but this proved less soul-satisfying than the legitimate theatre.

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Tom performed in an English Shakespearean repertory company and appeared in plays of all the modern Irish playwrights. His theatrical career was equally promising after his arrival in the States in numerous summer stock. off-Broadway, and ultimately, Broadway productions. Tom has appeared with Orson Welles in "King Lear," Siobhan McKenna in "St. Joan." Helen Hayes in "A Touch of the Poet"—over 150 roles all told—as well as every major dramatic television program. For his portrayal of Dylan Thomas in CBS-TV's "Camera Three," Tom received critics' unqualified praise.

Although he takes time out on occasion to make starring dramatic appearances on major television shows, Tom finds his commitment to the group one of total involvement … totally satisfying. This past summer Tom staged and directed the "Newport Folk Festival" and again won unqualified praise from the critics.

Source: Concert Program - circa 1966


  • … with the Clancy Brothers
    • Tom Clancy was an active member of the group from 1956 until his death in 1990.
    • He appeared on every Clancy Brothers recording, except for their last: Older But No Wiser.
  • Non group discography
    • Countess Cathleen: 1956 - Tradition TLP 501 LP
      • A reading of the W.B. Yeats play produced and directed by Tom Clancy
      • … with Tom Clancy as First Merchant.
    • Raise Your Weary Hearts: 1980 - Gransha Records 38606 LP Seamus Kennedy
      • Tom Clancy wrote the album notes; the closet he came (to my knowledge) to making a musical guest appearance without his brothers.

In addition, Tom had a fairly prolific Theatre, Film and Television career — visit Tom Clancy at The Internet Movie Database.

Tom's wife, Joan, runs the Joan Clancy Art Gallery in Co. Waterford, Ireland.