Ronnie Browne: Battle Songs And Ballads
The Corries

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  • Battle Songs And Ballads
    • 1996 - SCOTDISC CDITV 618 CD
    • 1996 - SCOTDISC VITV 618 VHS
  • Track List:
    1. Rise! Rise! Lowland and Highland Man
    2. The Bonnie Wells O' Wearie
    3. Stirlin' Brig
    4. Such A Parcel O' Rogues In A Nation
    5. The Floo'ers O' The Forest
    6. Where Two Hawks Fly
    7. Cam' Ye By Atholl
    8. I Once Loved a Lass
    9. Lochnagar
    10. Helen of Kirkconnel
    11. The Chevalier's Muster Roll
    12. My Faithful Fond One
    13. Kishmul's Galley
    14. Ye Jacobites by Name
    15. Roses of Prince Charlie
    16. Ae Fond Kiss


Visit famous battlefields, castles and historic sites with Ronnie Browne, including; Bannockburn, Culloden, Flodden, Castle Stalker, Floors, Stirling, Eilean Donan, Urquhart, Dunvegan, Kisimul, Duart, Blair, Edinburgh, Finglal's Cave and Ruthven Barracks.