Antóni O'Breskey & Ronnie Drew  •  From Dublin to Bilbao

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  • From Dublin to Bilbao
    • 2007 - Nomadic Piano 89232 01272 CD
    • 2018 - Nomadic Piano CD1[?] CD
  • Track List
    1. On Raglan Road (Kavanagh)
    2. Zeharbidetan (Basque Hymn) (Antóni O'Breskey, José Ángel Irigaray)
    3. Jaun Baruak (Benito Lertxundi)
    4. Limerick Rake (Trad.)
    5. As I roved Out (Trad.)
    6. Nora (Sean O'Casey)
    7. The Dolphin Waltz in Dingle (Antóni O'Breskey)
    8. Song for Carla (Antóni O'Breskey)
    9. Ojos Negros (Trad.)
    10. Red Roses (Sean O'Casey)
    11. Simple Way (Antóni O'Breskey)
    12. Muñagorriren Oihartzunean (Antóni O'Breskey, José Ángel Irigaray)
    13. We are the Music Makers (Poem and Gig) (Antóni O'Breskey, Arthur O'Shaughnessy)
    14. Buenos Aires ( Antóni O'Breskey)
    15. Bizkaia Maite (Benito Lertxundi, José Ángel Irigaray)
    16. Nostalgia de Gernika (Antóni O'Breskey)
    17. The Blacksmith (Trad.)
    18. Shannon River (Antóni O'Breskey)
    19. Muñagorriren Proklama (Antóni O'Breskey, José Ángel Irigaray)

  • Musicians
    • Antóni O'Breskey: Piano, Vocals, Trumpet
    • Ronnie Drew: Vocals
    • Benito Lertxundi: Vocals, Guitar
    • J. A. Irigarai: Vocals
    • Mairtin O' Connor: Accordion
    • Joe McHugh: Uillean Pipes
    • Neil Martin: Cello
    • Mick Kinsella: Harmonica
    • AlĂ­ Tajbakhsh: Persian Zarb
    • Shirley Grimes: Vocals
    • Davide Viterbo: Cello
    • Keith Donald: Saxophone
    • Consuelo Nerea: Vocals
    • Mia Froelicher: Vocals
    • Biancastra Croce: Charango, Sikus
    • Massimo Giuntini: Bouzuki, Uilleann Pipes
    • Johnny McCarthy: Tin Whistle, Fiddle
    • Alex Ruiz de Azua: Alboka
    • Alan Griffith: Tin Whistle
    • Lorenzo Forti: Electric Bass
    • Vanni Breschi: Drums
    • Gilbert Paeffgen: Drums
  • Credits
    • Producer: Antóni O'Breskey
  • Track notes
    • Tracks: 3, 5, 6, 10 are (to my knowledge) previously unreleased.
    • Tracks: 7, 13, 18 are from My Irish Portrait (1998)
    • Tracks: 8, 11, 14 are from Song For Carla (1998)
    • Tracks: 1, 4, 9 are from Irish Journey (2002)
    • Tracks: 2, 12, 19 are from Zeharbidetan (2004)
    • Tracks: 15, 16, 17 are from Ready To Sail (2011)
    • Tracks: 14-19 only appear on the 2018 release.

Ronnie Drew worked intensively with the Nomadic Piano Project of Antóni O'Breskey and performed as special guest in countless concerts and in many of his albums, such as My Irish Portrait, Zeharbidetan and Song for Carla. The collection of their 15 years of musical performances together is gathered in this compilation. Commenting on the work, O'Breskey said: "Before Ronnie died, he asked me many times to put together all the work we had done the last 15 years. Some of the songs that we recorded had already appeared in a number of my albums but there were others that had never been published. Amongst the unreleased ones he was specially attached to "Nora" and "Red Roses", in which, I think, he was expressing all his infinite love for his precious wife Deirdre. So this album is not just the expression of the musical journey Ronnie and I did together, but the manifestation in music of all the feelings that accompanied us during many years of sharing not only professional experiences, but overall life experiences."