Antóni O'Breskey  •  My Irish Portrait

  • My Irish Portrait
    • 1998 - O'Music OM 5001 CD
  • Track List
    1. Dolphin Waltz In Dingle (Antóni O'Breskey)
    2. The Lament (Antóni O'Breskey,Trad.)
    3. Glendalough (Antóni O'Breskey)
    4. The Annamoe Waltz For Paulo And Sue (Antóni O'Breskey,Trad.)
    5. Slow Jig (Antóni O'Breskey, Arr. Johnny McCarthy)
    6. Poem And Gig (Antóni O'Breskey, Arthur O'Shaughnessy)
    7. Shannon River (Antóni O'Breskey)
    8. Limerick Rake (Antóni O'Breskey,Trad.)
    9. Cowboy's Memories (Antóni O'Breskey)
    10. Sailing And Dancing (Antóni O'Breskey)

  • Musicians
    • Antóni O'Breskey: Piano
    • Ronnie Drew: Vocals (Track: 6)
    • Máirtín O'Connor: Accordion
    • Joe McHugh: Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistle
    • Massimo Giuntini: Bodhrán
    • Neil Martin: Cello
    • Gilbert Paeffgen: Istanbul Cymbals, Drum
    • Sergio Candotti: Electric Bass, Double Bass
    • Biancastella Croce: Pan Flute
    • Johnny McCarthy: Silver Flute, Whistle, Violin
    • Alí Tajbakshs: Goblet Drum
    • Balen Lopez De Munain: Guitar
    • Jimmy Faulkner: Guitar
    • Mick Kinsella: Harmonica
    • Lorenzo Tommasini: Keyboards
  • Credits
    • Producer: Antóni O'Breskey, Lorenzo Tommasini
    • Recorded and mixed at Macinarino Recording Studios, Loro Ciuffenna, Italy, 1996-1998
    • Recorded and mixed by Lorenzo Tommasini, Giuliano Giunti, Larry O'Toole & Paul Ashe-Browne
    • Sound Engineer: Lorenzo Tommasini
    • Cover Design: Shay Kennedy
    • Cover Painting: Iñaki Bilbao

In 1994 he composed the music for a project commissioned by Paul McGuinness and Principle Management with the collaboration of Dónal Lunny, who was special guest in a legendary concert of Antóni O' in Dublin. All this work is gathered in this album.