Modena City Ramblers  •  Bella Ciao - Italian Combat Folk for the Masses

  • Bella Ciao - Italian Combat Folk for the Masses
    • 2008 - Modena City Records 300 007 1 CD
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  • Track List
    1. Partisan's Bella ciao
    2. La banda del sogno interrotto
    3. La fiola del paisan
    4. Music of the Time
    5. Viva la vida
    6. Ebony
    7. El Presidente
    8. Una perfecta excusa
    9. Clan Banlieue
    10. Mia dolce rivoluzionaria
    11. I cento passi
    12. Mondina's Bella ciao
    13. Roisin the Bow

  • Modena City Ramblers
    • Arcangelo "Kaba" Cavaazuti: Acoustic Guitar, Percussion Bass on "Una Perfecta Excusa", Piano, Backing Vocals
    • Franco D'Aniello: Whistle, Flute, Trumpet, Sax, Backing Vocals
    • Massimo "Ice" Ghiacci: Electric, Acoustic and Upright Bass, Backing Vocals
    • Luca "Gaby" Giacometti: Bouzouki, Mandolin, Banjo, Backing Vocals
    • Francesco "Fry" Moneti: Electric Guitar, Violin, Oud, Backing Vocals
    • Davide "Dudu" Morandi: Lead Vocals
    • Elisabetta "Betty" Vezzani: Lead Vocals
    • Roberto Zeno: Drums, Percussion, Piano, Backing Vocals

  • Musicians
    • Terry Woods: mandolin on "Music of the Time", "El Presidente" acoustic guitar and backing vocals on "Roisin the Bow"
    • Massimiliano Fabianelli: accordeon on "Clan Banlieue", "Mia Dolce Rivoluzionaria", "Roisin, the Bow" & trumpet on "Viva la Vida", "Una Perfecta Excusa", "Mia Dolce Rivoluzionaria".
  • Credits
    • Produced and arranged by Terry Woods and MCR
    • Recorded at Bunker, Rubiera (RE), Italy, September 2006 and January/February 2007
    • Mixed at Esagono, Rubiera (RE), Italy, February 2007 by Andrea Rovacchi, Terry Woods and MCR
    • Engineered by Andrea Rovacchi
    • Mastered by Davide Barbi
    • Photo by Giovanni Canitano
    • Graphics by Samuell Calvisi and MCR
    • Thanks to Mark Addis, Peter Walsh, Bertus De Blaauw, Martin Schrader, Jim McKee, Juraj Cocher, Manuela Ostrolenk, Bernard Batzen, Billy Bragg, Regina Milito, Sergio Ferruzzi, Carloenrico Pinna and everybody at Esagono and Mescal.
    • Special thanks to all at "La Grande Famiglia", for their love, support and enthusiasm in Italy and abroad.
    • Many, many, many thanks to Terry, for all the things he gave and taught us. It's been a privilege.
    • Dedicated to the loving memory of Luca "Gaby" Giacometti