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Sons of Erin: Discography

Sons of Erin
  • Sons Of Erin
    • 1970 - Dominion LPS 93055 LP

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  • Side One
    1. The Secret of the Leprechaun (Edwards/Ryan)
    2. Come Away Bonnie Lad (MacRae)
    3. Digs In Birmingham (Trad., Adapted by Sons of Erin)
    4. Butcher Boy (Trad., Adapted by Sons of Erin)
    5. Medley:
      • The Spinnaker (Lynn)
      • Bonnie Kate (Trad., arr. Ryan)
    6. Farewell To Nova Scotia (Creighton)
  • Side Two
    1. McAlpine's Fusiliers (Behan)
    2. Campelton Loch (Steart/McMillan)
    3. Irish Stew (Sons of Erin)
    4. Sullivan's John (Dunne)
    5. Connemara Cradle Song (Murphy)
    6. A Nation Once Again (Trad., Adapted by Sons of Erin)

  • Sons of Erin
    • Denis Ryan: Vocals, Tin Whistle & Fiddle
    • Ralph O'Brien: Vocals & Guitar
    • John Cameron: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, & Harmonica
    • Johnnie Lynn: Banjo, Mandolin, & Tin Whistle
  • Musicians
    • Bass: Ron McDonald
  • Credits
    • Recorded at RCA Victor Studios, Toronto
    • Producer: Jury Krytiuk
    • Recording Engineer: George Semkiw
    • Photos: Modern Image Photos, Toronto

Sleeve Notes

Denny, who has performed in virtually every corner of Ireland, hails from Newport, Co. Tipperary. He has won many awards for his fiddle and tin whistle playing. In is his time Denny compose songs. It was Denny who composed the Sons of Erin hit "The Secret of the Leprechaun".

Hailing from Dublin, Ralph is the leader of the "Sons". He is dedicated to his music and sings in a strong, yet soothing voice. It seems, that Ralph was not content with kissing the Blarney Stone but made it his breakfast. He plays rhythm guitar.

A Scotsman who loves Scottish, Irish, and country music equally well. John is well known in folk circles around Toronto and can often be found in jam sessions with such folk music greats as Ian Tyson end Alan MacRae. He is a little man with a big voice and plays guitar, mandolin, and harmonica.

Jonnie was born, bred, and buttered in Kilkenny. After completion of his education, he did a considerable amount of drifting and he eventually ended up living in Cork for several years. Jonnie, who is the composer of "The Spinnaker" plays banjo, mandolin, and tin whistle. He is an enthusiast of traditional Irish music.


According to Rayn's, "All members of Ryan's Fancy have had a long relationship with The Sons of Erin. The original line-up featured Dermot and Fergus along with Gary Kavanagh and band leader Ralph O'Brien. When the band broke up Dermot, Fergus and Gary continued on for one tour as O'Reilly's Men and upon returning to Toronto met up with Don Sullivan to form the original Sullivan' Gypsies."

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Progressive, Traditional, Revivalist Material

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  • Progressive, Traditional, Revivalist Material
    • 1970 - Dominion LPS 93065 LP
    • 1970 - Interfusion SITFL-934, 132 LP — Australian release

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  • Side One
    1. Liverpool Lou
    2. McCarthy's Party
    3. Mingulay Boat Song
    4. Sam Hall
    5. Kevin Barry
    6. Johnny Bucker
  • Side Two
    1. Tribute to Newfoundland
    2. Route to the Blue
    3. Seven Old Ladies (Locked in the Lavatory)
    4. Rattlin' Roarin'
    5. Danny Boy
    6. Skipping Song

  • Sons of Erin
    • Ralph O'Brien: Vocals & Guitar
    • Robert (Bob) O'Donovan: Vocals, Fiddle, Viola, Mandolin & Whistle
    • Allan Flynn: Banjo, Guitar & Concertina
    • Frank McKenna: Vocals, Mandolin, Auto-Harp & Guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Mark Attman & Jury Krytiuk
    • Recorded at Sound Canada Recording Centre, Toronto
    • Engineer: Ernie Lyons
    • Mixed at Eastern Sound, Toronto
    • Engineer: Chris Skene

Sleeve Notes

I first heard the sons of Erin two years ago at Toronto's Golden Nuggett. I was impressed with their obvious knowledge of the material they had chosen and set them above the dozens of other groups on the Irish Bandwagon. It wasn't until November 1970 that t had an opportunity to hear them again. By this time, a number of changes had occurred to make the group an even more interesting one than the group I had remembered. Still using the same carefully re searched materiel with the addition of auto-harp, live string banjo, mandolin and concertina, and most important introduction of good harmony, has given the group a depth of sureness which somewhat was lacking in the past.

Ralph O'Brien, both leader of the group and a fine lead singer, plays rhythm guitar.
Allan Flynn plays banjo, guitar and concertina with equal dexterity. His beautiful 100 year old concertina adds a special touch.
Frank McKenna, an adept guitarist and singer, also doubles on mandolin and auto-harp.

The group has a large following in the Maritimes where they have toured extensively. Future plans include a trip to Viet Nam for the U.S. Government. travels to Ireland and California among other places.

A man from Dublin, a Dubliner with a Scottish accent, an adapted Wicklow man. and a man from Cork, together they became the Sons of Erin, an Irish group I think you should hear.

Well known Irish Traditional Folk Singer in Canada

  • Notes:
    • For some reason, Bob O'Donovan is not specifically mentioned in Owen McBride's sleeve notes.
      • He is pictured on the front and back sleeve, but only listed as "a man from Cork".

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The Town I Love So Well
  • The Town I Love So Well
    • 1975 - Erinson ERIN 1100S LP

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  • Side One
    1. Nora
    2. Yarmouth Town
    3. Flower Of Scotland
    4. I Never Will Marry
    5. Junior Crehan's Favourite & Corney is Coming
    6. Hot Asphalt
    7. New South Wales
  • Side Two
    1. Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway
    2. There's Got To Be An End
    3. Paddy Lay Back
    4. The Town I Love So Well
    5. Henry My Son
    6. On The One Road
    7. The Letter

  • Sons of Erin
    • Chris Hennessy (Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ireland): Vocals, Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, 12 String Guitar, Harmonica
    • Ralph O'Brien (Dublin, Ireland): Vocals, 2nd Guitar
    • Robert O'Donovan (Cork City, Ireland): Vocals, Fiddle, Viola, Mandolin, Whistle
  • Musicians
    • Grant Kennedy: Electric Bass, String Bass (Nora; The Town I Love So Well; Paddy Lay Back.)
    • Len MacDonald: Steel Guitar (Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway)
    • Len Brennan: Electric Bass (remaining selections)
  • Credits
    • Produced by Sons Of Erin
    • Engineer: Grant Kenned
    • Recorded At Audio Atlantic Recording Studios, Halifax.
    • Publishing: ERINSON MUSIC (CAPAC)
    • Photography: Sherman Mines

Sleeve Notes

Nora (O'Casey) — From the pen of the late great Irish playwright, Sean O'Casey.

Yarmouth Town (Traditional) — Jack goes ashore in Yarmouth with interesting results.

Flower Of Scotland (Brown & Williamson) [1] — One of the finer Scottish songs with deep historic overtones.

I Never Will Marry (A. P. Carter) — Casanova said "Marriage is the tomb of love"; this girl seems to think so.

Junior Crehan's Favourite & Corney is Coming (Traditional) — Instrumental

Hot Asphalt (Dominic Behan) — An ill-fated policeman ends up as a museum exhibit.

New South Wales (Traditional) — The sheep shearing life was too much for this fellow.

Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway (Gerry Rafferty) — Scottish songwriter Gerry Rafferty is responsible for this fine folk song.

There's Got To Be An End (D. O'Brien) — The dream of many.

Paddy Lay Back (Traditional) — The call of the sea.

The Town I Love So Well (Coulter) — An immigrant returns to his war-torn home town.

Henry My Son (Traditional) — A young lover meets an untimely death at the hand of his sweetheart.

On The One Road (Traditional) — Let's get on it.

The Letter (Tony Lynch) — A letter from a mother in Ireland to her immigrant son.

  • Notes:
    1. I listed the songs credits as on the LP, but Ronnie Browne did not co-write "Flower of Scotland", it was written by Roy Williamson (RIP).

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Pleasant And Delightful
  • Pleasant And Delightful
    • 1980 - Erinson ES-8002 LP

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  • Side One
    1. Sonny's Dream
    2. Whiskey On A Sunday
    3. Lavender Cowboy
    4. Instrumental Reels
    5. Make And Break Harbour
    6. Barley Moe
  • Side Two
    1. Somebody's Waiting For You
    2. Song Of The Myra
    3. Molly Bawn
    4. Matty Groves
    5. Cathleen
    6. Lagon Love

  • Sons of Erin
    • Ralph O'Brien: Vocals, Guitar
    • Robert O'Donovan: Vocals, Fiddle, Viola, Mandolin, Whistle
    • Wayne Gladney: Vocals, Bass
  • Musicians
    • Neil Bishop: Guitar
    • Rusty Walker: Steel Guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Sons Of Erin
    • Engineer: Claude Cains
    • Recorded at Clode Sound Studios

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