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Colin Wilkie   •   Empty Chairs

  • Empty Chairs
    • 1996 - Pläne 88800 CD (DEU)
  • Tracklist
    1. Empty Chairs
    2. Painfully Sad
    3. Autumn Is Knocking At Our Door
    4. Old Movies Makes Me Cry
    5. The National Seven
    6. The Shearing's Not For You (Trad.)
    7. Tomorrow's Turned Into Yesterday
    8. Even Oak-Trees Fall
    9. We Don't Inherit The Earth
    10. Glencoe (Bitter Cold)
    11. Captain Of The O & O Line
    12. Time Does Not Return

  • Musicians
    • Colin Wilkie: Vocals, Guitars
    • Volker Barber: Keyboards
    • Ralf Hentschel: Drums, Toms, Share
    • Andy Horn: Nylon-String Guitar, Keyboards, Piano
    • Martin Moser: Trumpet, Fluegelhorn
    • Norbert Roschauer: Pedal Steel
    • Herwig Thony: Fretless Bass, Bass, Double Bass, Cello
    • Vincent Wilkie: Guitars
  • Credits
    • Produced by Vincent Wilkie
    • Arranged by Vincent Wilkie and Andy Horn
    • Strings arranged by Volker Barbee
    • Recorded and mixed by Andy Horn at Audicom Studios, Heilbronn, December '95 — April '96
    • Co-produced by Colin Wilkie and Günter Eckert
    • All songs words and music by Colin Wi1kie, except "The Shearing…", Trad. '
    • Grafik-Design & Layout by Ben Richter
    • Coverfoto by Heidelind Andritsch, c '94
    • Special thanks to Ralf, Hartmut, Franz and everyone at Session Music.
    • This album is dedicated, with much love, to the memory of our old mates Martin Winsor even oak-trees fall, and Redd Sullivan: the captain of the O & O line …