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The Washington Squares   •   Fair and Square

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  • Fair and Square
    • 1989 - Gold Castle D2-71319 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson)
    2. Fourth Day of July (Trad., New Words & Music, Lauren Agnelli, Tom Goodkind & Bruce Jay Paskow)
    3. Charcoal (Lauren Agnelli)
    4. The Pride of Man (Hamilton Camp)
    5. Neal Cassady (Bruce Jay Paskow)
    6. La Roue De Fortune (Lauren Agnelli)
    7. Side Two
    8. Greenback Dollar (Hoyt Axton, Ken Ramsey)
    9. Join Together (Tom Goodkind)
    10. My True Love And I (Trad., Arr.Lauren Agnelli, Tom Goodkind & Bruce Jay Paskow)
    11. The Other Side of Sin (Bruce Jay Paskow)
    12. All Over the World (Tom Goodkind)
    13. Fourth Day of July (Reprise)

  • The Washington Squares
    • Lauren Agnelli: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Glockenspiel and Bass Guitar (Track: 2)
    • Tom Goodkind: Vocals, Bass Guitar, Indian Ney Flute & Acoustic Banjo and Deering Signature Model Electric Lead Banjo (Tracks: 2 & 8)
    • Bruce Jay Paskow: Vocals, Lead Guitars 6 & 12 String and Bass Guitar (Track: 8), Rhythm Guitar (Tracks: 2 & 8)
  • Musicians
    • Billy Ficca: Drums & Percussion
    • J. Steven Soles: Harmonica & accordian (Track: 6), Hammond Organ (Tracks: 1 & 4), Mellotron (Track: 11) & Additional Percussion
  • Credits
    • Produced by J. Steven Soles
    • Engineer: David Kennedy
    • Assistant Engineer: Mark Miller
    • Mixed by Dan Bates
    • Production Coordinator: Dana Millman
    • Recorded at Giant Sound Studios. NYC
    • Mixed at Zeitgeist Studio, Los Angeles, CA
    • Mastered at Precision Lacquer, Hollywood, CA
    • Mastered by Steve Marcussen
    • Album Jacket Artwork: Bryant + Associates
    • Back Photo: Michael Halsband
    • Special thanks to Danny Goldberg, Paula Jeffries. Jeff Heiman, Dana Millman, Leila Sidawi, Barbara Babchick, Tony Berg and to Ron Kaplan and the staff at American Famous Talent
    • The Washington Squares play acoustic & acoustic-electric Guild guitars
    • This is their second album for Shary Flenniken, Rick Wagner, and Jill Lauren Goodkind