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Seán Tyrrell   •   Cry Of A Dreamer

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  • Cry Of A Dreamer
    • 1995 - Hannibal HNCD 1391 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Mattie (Johnny Mulhern)
    2. Isle of Inisfree (Dick Farrelly)
    3. House Of Delight (David Callinan)
    4. November Rain (David Callinan)
    5. Blue Green Bangle (Johnny Mulhern)
    6. Trilogy
      1. Message of Peace (Poem: John Boyle O'Reilly, Music: Seán Tyrrell)
      2. Cry Of The Dreamer (Poem: John Boyle O'Reilly, Music: Trad. Arr. Seán Tyrrell)
      3. Only From Day To Day (Today) (Poem: John Boyle O'Reilly, Music: Seán Tyrrell)
    7. No-Go (Bagpipe Music) (Poem: Louis McNiece, Music: Trad. Arr. Seán Tyrrell)
    8. Connie's Song (Mo Bhron Ar An Bhfarraige = Curse On The Sea) (Translation: David Marcus and Douglas Hyde, Music: Seán Tyrrell)
    9. Fortune For The Finder (David Callinan)
    10. Coast Of Malabar (Words: Trad., Music: Seán Tyrrell)
    11. Demolition Dan (States Of Decay) (Johnny Mulhern)
    12. The 12th Of July (Lament For The Children) (Words: John Frazier, Music: Seán Tyrrell)

  • Musicians
    • Seán Tyrrell: Vocals, Mandocello, Mandobass, Guitar, Mandola and Banjo
    • Liam Lewis: Fiddle and Viola
    • Steve Hanks: Saxophones and Clarinet
    • Davy Spillane: Uillean Pipes and Low Whistle
    • Tommy Peoples: Viola
    • Máirtín O Connor: Accordion
    • Paul Gunning: Accordion
    • Kevin Crawford: Flute and Bodhrán
    • Brendan Mulligan: Harmonica and Jews Harp
    • Greg Boland: Electric Slide Guitar
    • Frankie Colohan: Guitar
    • Shane Holden: Acoustic Guitar
    • Jimmy Fitzgerald: Acoustic Guitar
    • Johnny Mulhern: Acoustic Guitar
    • P.J. Curtis: Highstring Guitar, Bodhrán and Keyboards
    • Colin Boland: Piano
    • James Blennerhassett: Bass Guitar and Double Bass
    • Jimmy Cubbard: Drums and Percussion
  • Credits
    • Produced by P.J. Curtis
    • All tracks except 3, 4 & 12 — Recorded at Sulan Studios, Ballyvoumey, Co. Cork.
      • Engineered by Ciaran Byrne, assisted by Chris Corrigan
    • Tracks 3 & 12 — Recorded at Atlantic Sound, Liscannor, Co. Clare.
      • Engineered by Colin Boland
    • Track 4 — Recorded at Harmony Row Studios, Ennis Co. Clare.
      • Engineered by Matt Purcell
    • Front Cover Photo: Joe Geoghegan
    • Live Photo: John P Coyle
    • Lettering: Ruth Rowland
    • Design: Michael Krage

Sleeve Notes

Mattie — Thanks to J.J. Gaffey, Mate Lydon and Corkey who showed us there was an alternative to "business as usual."

Isle of Inisfree — Shannon is a lonely place; a place of tears. I've shed so many at their goings but none more so than on their first flight. Benji, Ciaran, Aine and Lilia. My love and deep affection.

House of Delight — If this album is a delight it's due to the great friends and musicians who accompany me and to those who made it happen; Jimmy Brick, P.J. Curtis, Connie O' Halloran, Johnny Keane, Davy Spillane, Adelia Curling.

November Rain — Thanks to the cast of The Midnight Court and Maeliosa Stafford for believing in the dream and putting up with me (no mean feat). Also, to Leo and Claire and all in Letterfrack.

Blue Green Bangle — Thanks for great music memories and influences along the way: Rabbitts, Staunton, Tommy Nolan, Forde, Dillon, Galligans, Cooley, Keegans, McGlynn, Abby Cronin, Michael Bonamie.

Trilogy — I found these three songs as poems in 1000 Years of Irish Poetry. They seemed like ideal material for songs.

Message of Peace — John Boyle O' Reilly: The best monument to a great and good man and poet, are the works with which his hand and his head have enriched the world.

Cry of The Dreamer — John Boyle O' Reilly: Born near Drogheda, nearly in the shadow of Tara. Enlisted in the English Cavalry in order to convert fellow Irishmen to fenianism. He was arrested, court-martialed and transported to Australia.

Only from Day to Day (Today) — John Boyle O'Reilly escaped on board an American whaler and on arrival in Boston he soon became involved in anti-slavery activity. He was a man of immense integrity and on his death, he was mourned by America from the President to the man-in-the-street. I first heard his name in the U.S.A. when the names of lesser Irishmen and writers are eulogised here at home.

No-Go (Bagpipe Music) — I was apprenticed to a magician in Lisdoonvarna, Miclin Conlon, and in his company I savoured great music, the madness, the joys and sorrows of this life and some great companions — Barry, Hynes, Williams, Donaghues, Mary Kate, Seán Ryan, Skippy, Sheriff, Jimmy Kieshan and Autie Dunleavy, Mary McPartlan.

Connie's Song — Stormy was my life, a grotto in the bottom of a pint glass. There was a bright horizon and Connie walked me out the road to see it.

Fortune for The Finder — I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Terry Smith; three of these jewels I got from him. And in thinking of Terry immediately Mickey Finn enters; I miss him and his music a lot. A great influence on my singing was Seán Coilin O'Conaire.

Coast of Malabar — Tom Duffy and Pat Murtagh: thanks for introducing me to this gorgeous creature. To my family and all in Palmyra Park for making the night possible to meet her.

Demolition Dan (States of Decay) — It would have been about Easter time, Jack Geary was trying to teach harmony to John "Henry" Higgins, Seánin Conroy and myself. Three Blind Mice were also deaf to his endeavours; Mulhern would have been the fourth blind mouse. Long Live the Freedom Folk and Apples in Winter (the originals circa 1972).

The 12th Of July (Lament for the Children) — John Frazier (1804-1852) Birr: A cabinet maker by trade, a poet by every instinct that poetry holds dear. He lies in an obscure corner of Glasnevin in an unmarked grave. Born a Presbyterian, he exhorts all his countrymen then and now to let the past bury it's dead and walk hand-in-hand into a loving future. In memory of Johnny Piggott and to the people of both communities in Belfast, but especially my long-standing friends from the Shankill Rd.