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The Three'ngers (Hashlosharim)   •   The Three'ngers (2002)

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  • The Three'ngers (Hashlosharim)
    • 2002 - Hed-Arzi ACUM 64-361 CD
  • Tracklist
    1. Lu Hayiti Piret (If Only I Were A Pirate) (Yaron London, Yair Rosenblum)
    2. Ha'ohavim Et Ha'aviv (Lovers Love Spring) (Yoram Teharlev, Shalom Hanoch)
    3. Tzif Tzaf Me'al Haratzif (Tsif Tsif Off The Dock) (Yaron London, Danny Litani)
    4. Isha Hasida Haita (Once There Was A Hassid Woman) (Yoram Teharlev, Yohanan Zaraï)
    5. Tzarot Tovot (Good Troubles) (Shimrit Or, Shalom Hanoch)
    6. Mi Mefahed Migeveret Levin (Who's Afraid Of Mrs. Levin) (Jonathan Geffen, Shalom Hanoch)
    7. My Lily (My Night) (Yankale Rotblit, Shalom Hanoch)
    8. Eifo Natasha U'Pierre (Natasha and Pierre) (Jonathan Geffen, Shalom Hanoch)
    9. Ha'ish Asher Yavi Et Habesora (He Who Will Bring The Message) (Yoram Teharlev, Yohanan Zaraï)
    10. Bashesh O Basheva (At Six Or At Seven) (Yaron London, Yair Rosenblum)
    11. Ballada Lez'vuv (A Ballad For A Fly) (Jonathan Geffen, Shalom Hanoch)
    12. Mi Im Lo Elohim (Who But God) (Jonathan Geffen, Shalom Hanoch)
  • Bonus Tracks
    1. Hayoshever Bashura Harishona (Front Row Seat) (Shalom Hanoch)
    2. Endless Encounter (Natan Alterman, Naomi Shemer)
    3. This Can't Be (Ehud Manor, Boaz Sharabi)
    4. Look at God and See (Yoram Teharlev, Danny Sanderson)
    5. Highlight Us (Shlomo Carlebach)

  • Musicians
    • Danny Sanderson: Guitar
    • Eli Magen: Bass
    • Araleh Kaminski: Drums
    • Misha Segal: Keyboards
  • Credits (1969)
    • Produced: Benny Amdursky
    • Arranged & Conducted by Michael (Misha) Segal
    • Photos: Alona Einstein
    • Cover Design: David Tartakower
  • Credits (2002 Reissue)
    • Collection and Editing: Eran Litvin
    • Production: Eran Litvin, Pini Dekel, Lior Mizrahi
    • Production Management: Sharon Levy
    • Marketing Management: Yaron Cohen
    • Post Production: Shahar Vered
    • Public Relations: Shai Rahman, Ruthi Marom
    • Design: Dov Cohen — DandD Studio
    • Printing: May Printing
    • Conversion to CD and Masteting: Yossi Perets, Bialik 4 Studios
    • Special thanks to Hanan Yovel for the much help!
    • Thanks to Guy Caleb, Yoav Kutner, David Tartakover, Fitz and Aliza.
    • Special thanks to all the people of Echo of Israel from the beginning until today!
    • The album first appeared in 1970 [sic].
    • 2002 remastering.
    • All the songs on this CD have been digitally edited while maintaining the original sound of the songs.
    • Unfortunately some of the original tapes were worn over time and in these cases we had to use vinyl records instead of the original masters.
  • Other releases include …
    • The Three'ngers (1969, ISR)
      • The original 1969 LP release does not include tracks: 13-17