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Tom Sweeny   •   Little Isle Of Green

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  • Little Isle Of Green
    • 1990 - Shanachie 52002 Cassette (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Little Isle of Green (T. Sweeney)
    2. Sea People (A. MacGillivary)
    3. Homes of Donegal (Trad. P.D.)
    4. Do You Think I Do Not Know (H. Lawson)
    5. Between Me and You (MeGee)
  • Side Two
    1. Daisy A Day (J. Strunk)
    2. Tyrone 'Mongst The Bushes (T. Sweeney)
    3. Tie Me Down (A. MacGillivary)
    4. The Dark Island (Trad.)
    5. Killyburn Brae (Trad.)

  • Musicians
    • Tom Sweeney: vocals, guitars, mandolin, whistles and harmonica
    • Colm Muinzer: keyboards
  • Credits
    • Recorded in June 1989 at Lisburn Road Studios, Belfast, Ireland
    • Engineer: Colm Muinzer
  • Notes
    • This album was recorded while Tom was still a member of Barley Bree.

Sleeve Notes

Little Isle of Green — There is something about a long summer's day in Ireland that inspires peace and contentment. Some of my own thoughts make up the song.

Sea People — A lovely song about the folk who make their living on the sea. From the Pen of my good friend Allistair Mac Gillivary of Cape Breton. Canada.

Homes of Donegal — This was a great favorite at every gathering when I was growing up in Ireland. Donegal possesses the most rugged land and gentle hearts in the country.

Do You Think I Do Not Know — I've always loved the words of this most tender of love songs. Written by the nineteenth century Australian poet Henry Lawson and learned from the singing of Priscilla Herdman.

Between Me and You — For many years Walton's Music Galleries in Dublin sponsored a Saturday afternoon program on Irish radio. It became an institution and met it's end only recently. Saturdays aren't the same somehow. This little piece of nonsense was performed regularly by one of the Walton's stalwarts, the great Charlie McGee.

Daisy A Day — If you listened to a lot of pop music you'd imagine that love was the sole possession of the young. The late, great Jud Strunk knew better and wrote this wonderful song.

Tyrone 'Mongst The Bushes — You think of home at the oddest times and places and I wrote this song while looking out over the Atlantic in Marblehead, Massachusetts. For the ones at home.

Tie Me Down — I suppose love manifests itself in many ways and sometimes the kindest act of love is tying someone down who might otherwise go off the rails. Love is kind.

The Dark Island — Everyone has their own dark island to which they may retreat to find peace and solitude This song is Scottish and I learned this version from my old friend John Kerr from Kerrykeel in Donegal.

Killyburn Brae — The battle of the sexes has been going on for a long time and I'm not sure that it's over yet! Even the devil couldn't handle the woman in this song. An old traditional favorite in Ireland that I learned at school from the Christian Brothers. Education, what?