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Johnny Silvo   •   In The Spotlight — "Live In Concert"

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  • In The Spotlight — "Live In Concert"
    • 1983 - Sweet Folk All SFA 114 LP
  • Side One
    1. Midnight Special (Trad. Arr. Johnny Silvo)
    2. Thyme (Trad. Arr. Johnny Silvo)
    3. Biggest And Best In Africa (Cop. Con.)
    4. Mingulay Boat Song (Trad. Arr. Johnny Silvo)
    5. Lady Take Your Time (Allan Taylor)
    6. Blueberry Hill (Lewis)
  • Side Two
    1. The Birds And The Bees (Tom Paxton)
    2. The Last Thing On My Mind (Tom Paxton)
    3. Brother Sylvest (Trad. Arr. Johnny Silvo)
    4. Dr. Jazz (Jelly Roll Morton)
    5. Handsome Johnny (Richie Havens)

  • Musicians
    • Johnny Silvo: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
  • Credits
    • Producer: Joe Stead
    • Recorded Live in concert at The Acland Hall, Cold Ash, Berkshire
    • Engineer: John Hassell
    • Edited by Felecity Hassell & Joe Stead
    • Mastered at PRT Studios by Tony Bridge
    • Cover Photography: Maggie Galloway
    • Sleeve Design: Chris Groom