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Johnny Silvo & Dave Moses   •   Live From London

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  • Live From London
    • 1973 - Bus Stop BUSLP 5001 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Hold 'em Joe (H. Thomas)
    2. Midnight Special (Trad. Arr. Silvo, Moses)
    3. Biggest And The Best In Africa
    4. My Lady Is A Wild Flying Dove (T. Paxton)
    5. My Brudda Sylvest (J. Lasky, S. Stern, F. Fisher)
    6. Wild Rover (Trad. Arr. Silvo, Moses)
  • Side Two
    1. Doctor Jazz (W. Melrose, J. Oliver)
    2. Leaving On A Jet Plane (J. Denver)
    3. Bold Grenadier (Trad. Arr. Silvo, Moses)
    4. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate (A.J. Piron, M. Medina, J.E. Dowell)
    5. Amen (Trad. Arr. Silvo, Moses)

  • Credits
    • Produced by Peter Callander and Mitch Murray for Intune Productions Ltd.

Sleeve Notes

Unless you're a "folk" music fiond, the names Johnny Silvo and Dave Moses aren't going to mean a thing to you, Of course, you might have heard them on Terry Wogan's BBC Radio 2 Show, but it seems unlikely, unless you're Terry Wogan's mother.

However, if you've taken the discerning music-lover's route through this record, rather than a quick flip of the sleeve, you'll know all you need to know about Johnny and Dave, and what I have to say will be superfluous. So, what else is new?

Let me say straight away that I don't know Johnny Silvo or Dave Moses from Adam, so I can't let you have any racy little details on our heroes' preferences in colours, food, drink, women or cars. They may well beat their grannies black and blue of a Friday night, or be starving romantically in a garret somewhere, but if that's the kind of stuff you want to hear, you've come to the wrong sleeve.

Nor am I about to select certain favourite tracks of mine from this album, because no more than wine nor women, song is a subjective

business. Listen to the record, pick the song you particularly like, and I'll tell you if I agree with you.

Johnny Silvo and Dave Moses sing and play and entertain, and there's a select but ever-growing band that think they do it superlatively well. It would be easy to predict a ginormous future for the boys, but too many factors other than sheer talent go into making a success. Actually, what would help is if people like you, who have listened to, and enjoyed, this record (and you can't have one without the other( would tell your friends about the myriad delights that lie dormant between these covers, waiting to burst upon the shell-likes at the touch of a switch.

But time's a-wastin', pard — give the man his money, take this record home to a nice warm turntable, and it will repay your kindness a thousand fold.

And remember — spread it around — Johnny Silvo and Dave Moses!

Terry Wogan