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Brush Shiels   •   I Don't Know

  • I Don't Know
    • 1990 - Bus Records BUS 526 EP [Cassette] (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. I Don't Know (Brush Shiels)
    2. Maggie (Trad. Brush Shiels)
    3. The Town I Loved So Well (Phil Coulter)
    4. Our Land

  • Credits
    • Artwork: Brendan Mahony, Colaiste Phadraig CBS, Lucan
    • Supported by the Birmingham Six Committee, Usher House, 40/41 Quay, Dublin 8

Sleeve Notes

I DON'T KNOW (B. Shiels)

I don't know these Irishmen they call the six of Birmingham,
I only know that someone lied in that court when those men were tried.

And I don't know why justice failed & Irishmen wound up in jail,
I only know that someone lied and those six men still wait inside.

Sixteen years is a long longtime but I believe the greatest crime,
was you and me we didn't care we thought maybe they deserved to be there.

So we all sang about Nelson Mandella, South Africa Apart hied,
South America as well as any kind of politics but said nothing about the Birmingham Six.

Now we all admit our shame, we didn't fall for the patriot game,
we left them there, the years went by, we didn't care if they lived or died.

Now we know they are innocent & we wait for those in government,
to give them back their dignity, and release them unconditionally.

Repeat first two verses.

'Excellent song, well written and performed — just what I would expect from a professional like "The Brush". I'm delighted that the Irish entertainment industry are getting behind the cause of the 'Six'. Entertainers worldwide have sang the cause of South Africa, the Rain Forests of South America and the former countries of Eastern Europe — it's long past the time we sang about the cause of our own people.'

Paschal Mooney