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The Pikemen   •   Lonesome Boatmen

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  • Lonesome Boatmen
    • 1978 - Sunflower SI 1023 LP (CAN)
  • Side One
    1. Dan O'Hara
    2. Bunclody
    3. Maid Of Carnlough Bay
    4. Blind Mary
    5. Song of Fanafierst
    6. Hills Of Donegal
    7. Lonesome Boatman (Furey)
  • Side Two
    1. Banks Of The Roses
    2. John Barleycorn
    3. To Althea From Prison (Lovelace, Swarbrick)
    4. Farewell To Carlingford (Tommy Makem)
    5. Lizzie Lindsay
    6. Mexican Whistler (Whittaker)

  • Credits
    • Produced by George Doherty
    • Cover: Oil painting "The Lonesome Boatmen" by James Arthur O'Connor

Sleeve Notes

A little about the Pikemen:
FORMED: Six months ago
MUSIC: Traditional (but will honour requests for Lennon/McCartney and Woody Guthrie type numbers)

RAY (McAreavey) age 33: Singing and playing popular music as a solo singer for ten years until he met Kieran who was playing folk music. Attracted to folk music he brought a new dimension to the interpretation of traditional songs—also plays G banjo and mandolin.

KIERAN (Manning) age 29: Playing folk music for ten years in various groups. Accomplished guitarist and also doubles on vocals. Plays G banjo when required.

DOMINIC (McShane) age 28: The baby of the group; Dominic sings and plays the double bass. As a newcomer to the music scene, he is certainly making an impression (mostly in his fingers).

FEE (McGorman) age 31: Solo singer for fourteen years until he joined the Pikemen. Specialises in Irish traditional music. Plays guitar and speaks fluent Gaelic.

GOGIE (McCullough) age 28: Last but certainly not least; probably one of the finest whistle players to come out of Ireland (or so he keeps telling us). Gogie has been playing traditional music since he was six years old. A musician in the true sense of the word.

This, their first LP, should make sure that both members of their fan club are satisfied.