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John Pearse & Dick Poons   •   One More City

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  • One More City
    • 1969 - XTRA XTRA 1072 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. One More City (Colin Wilkie)
    2. Salty Dog (Arr. Pearse, Poons)
    3. Eyes (Poons, Smit, English Translation: Hans Muis)
    4. Lady Came From Baltimore (Tim Hardin)
    5. Mr. X (Poons, English Translation: Colin Wilkie)
    6. Old Folks At Home & Marching Through Georgia (Arr. Pearse)
    7. Fix Me A Pallet (Arr. Pearse, Poons)
  • Side Two
    1. If I were a Carpenter (Tim Hardin)
    2. Point of View (Merri, Arnulf, English Translation Poons, Muir)
    3. St. Christopher's Shrine (Twelftree)
    4. Everyman's A Murderer (Poons, English Translation: Hans Muis)
    5. Virginia's Fair Shore (Pearse)
    6. Sweet Georgia Brown

  • Musicians
    • John Pearse: Vocals, Guitars
    • Dick Poons: Vocals, Guitar

Sleeve Notes

John Pearse is better known at the moment as a teacher than a performer. The terrific success of his BBC 'Hold Down A Chord' series has temporarily obscured his work as a singer and player in Britain. On the continent however John is one of the best known English folksingers.

It was work on continental television that first brought him into contact with the Dutch guitarist Dick Poons (pronounced Pones), and when John came to prepare his second Xtra LP he invited Dick to join him.

So we have the combination of two sharply contrasting guitar and vocal styles on a wide range of songs and guitar pieces including a new look at old favourites and a first look at some newly written songs.

Bill Leader