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The Parvarim (Haparvarim)   •   Yesh Lee Ahava (I Have a Love)

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  • Yesh Lee Ahava (I Have a Love)
    • 1968 - CBS 62903 LP
  • Side One
    1. Yesh Lee Ahava (I Have a Love) (Y. Sharet, Y. Hollander)
    2. Rak Hed Kolech (The Echo of Your Voice) (A. Peretz, N. Heiman)
    3. B'chol Makom (Everywhere) (T. Alyagon, Y. Houri)
    4. Ze Hazemer Shelee V'shelach (This Is My Song and Yours) (O. Shafir, Y. Rekem)
    5. Eeloo Kol Ha'ohavim (If All the Lovers) (Y. Gamzu, N. Heiman)
    6. Lo B'chavana (Not on Purpose) (L. Naor, E. Netzer)
  • Side Two
    1. Fooga K'tana (Little Fugue) (N. Heiman)
    2. Tsiporim Nodedot (Wandering Birds) (Y. Teharlev, E. Netzer)
    3. Sadot Yerookim (Green Meadows) (Y. Teharlev, N. Heiman)
    4. Margalit () (Y. Teharlev, E. Netzer)
    5. Chorff, Choref Lech Mepo (Winter, Winter, Go Away) (A. Manor, N. Heiman)
    6. Oolay Im Naamin (Perhaps if We Believe) (A. Peretz, N. Heiman)

  • The Parvarim
    • Yossef Houri: Vocals & Guitar
    • Nissim Menachem: Vocals & Guitar

Two guitars held by gifted hands, a deep love and a natural gift for melody (and a very small repertoire) was what Yossi Houri and Nissim Menachem — THE PARVARIM — had when they first started appearing together seven years ago.

Since that modest start, THE PARVARIM have come a long way to the very top of Israel's music scene. Today, their repertoire is large, varied and interesting. They have developed a uniquely melodious style and sound of their own. They have acquired a large and loyal following in Israel and, as a result of their many appearances at various International Festivals and from their records, are also well-known in many countries of Europe and South America.

This recording, which they have dedicated to that ever-fascinating and delightful subject of love, was in itself a work of love for THE PARVARIM to do. This they wanted you to know.