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The Oyster Band   •   Liberty Hall

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  • Liberty Hall
    • 1985 - Pukka YOP07 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Arise Arise (Alan Prosser, Ian Telfer, John Jones)
    2. Bonnie Susie Cleland (Trad. Arr. Oyster Band)
    3. The Breaking Of Our Lord's Birthday (Trad. Arr. Oyster Band)
    4. Liberty Hall (Ian Telfer, John Jones)
    5. Euston Station (Ian Telfer, Ian Telfer, Alan Prosser)
  • Side Two
    1. Cropper Lads (Trad. Arr. Oyster Band)
    2. Steal For Joy (John Jones)
    3. Banstead Downs (Geordie) (Trad. Arr. Oyster Band)
    4. St Peter's Tea Gardens (Alan Prosser)
    5. Six Grey Men (Alan Prosser, Ian Telfer, John Jones)
    6. Drink, Again (Drowning Ballad No. 142) (Ian Telfer)

  • Oyster Band
    • John Jones: Vocal, Melodeons
    • Ian Kearey: Bass, Banjimer, Vocal
    • Alan Prosser: Guitars, Guitar-Synthesise, Vocal
    • Ian Telfer: Violin, C-Melody Saxophone, Keyboards
  • Musicians
    • Martin Brinsford: Percussion (Track: 11)
    • Ron Elliott: Bagpipes [Northumbrian Pipes] (Track: 5)
    • Rod Franks: Trumpet (Track: 1)
    • Chris Taylor: Harmonica (Tracks: 4 & 10), Jaw-Harp (Track: 10)
  • Credits
    • Recorded & Mixed by Mike Warren
    • Photographs: front Topham/back Mick Binder Preparation: Mick Binder
    • Special thanks: Janet Burgess, Ron Elliott, Doe, Alan Greenwood, Olga Hegedüs, Cap'n Haddock