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The Ormonde Folk   •   The Truly Irish

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  • The Truly Irish
    • 1971 - Music For Pleasure MFP 1425 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. McCarthy's Party
    2. Matter A Damn (Burrowes, Coffey)
    3. Eireann Is A Grand Land
    4. Kitty Magee
    5. Reber Sermon
    6. Lowlands Of Holland
  • Side Two
    1. Reilly's Daughter
    2. Glenswilley
    3. Bradys Of Killane
    4. Outlawed Reparee
    5. Nora Beag
    6. Beggar Man
    7. I Know My Love
    8. The Boys Of Blue Hill

  • Musicians
    • Maggie Brady: Vocals
    • Mary Brady: Vocals
    • Eamonn Brady: Vocals, 6-String Guitar
    • Peter Brady: Vocals, 12-String Guitar
  • Credits
    • A John Boyden recording
    • All tracks: Trad. Arr. The Ormonde Folk — unless otherwise noted.
    • Sleeve Design: Terry Beard

Sleeve Notes

Two brothers and two sisters from Kilkenny make up the "Ormonde Folk". Peter, Eamonn, Margaret and Mary Brady have been singing together for four years, and have made many broadcasts for R.T.E., including television appearances in "Ballad Street" and the popular "Riordans". Last year they came second in the Eamonn Andrews Competition, and won the "Festival of Ireland" ballad competition in Wexford. They have recently made a very successful tour of the major cities of the United States, and will be there on a return visit at the time of this record's release.

A note from Irish television Personality Shay Healy: "This record was recorded 'live' on a Sunday afternoon in "The Old Sheiling" hotel in Dublin. Someone found me a vodka, and I willingly introduced The Ormonde Folk to a more than lively audience.

They didn't let me down, and if I told you that this record is more than pleasant listening, then I would be telling you a profound truth.

The Ormonde Folk don't hit you with a bang; they wrap themselves around you like a warm, musical overcoat that I would be happy to wea'r anywhere …

And now, if you would pass me my overcoat, I think I'll spend a few musical moments."