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North Sea Gas   •   The Power Of Scotland

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  • The Power Of Scotland
    • 1995 - Scotdisc CDITV 607 CD
  • Tracklist
    1. Sound the Pibroch
    2. Carrickfergus
    3. Mason's Apron
    4. Hieland Harry
    5. Black Jack Davey (Heron)
    6. Spanish Lady/Blackthorn Stick
    7. Final Trawl (Fisher)
    8. Lord of the Dance (Carter)
    9. Hieland Laddie
    10. Whisky on a Sunday
    11. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie/The Kesh Jig (Burns)
    12. Rolling Hills of the Border (McGinn)
    13. Mingulay Boat Song
    14. Leezie Lindsay
    15. I Wish I Was Hunting (Makem)
    16. I'll Tell Me Ma/Green Gates/The Barren Rocks of Aden

  • North Sea Gas
    • Dave Gilfillan: Guitar, Mandola, Concertina, Bohran, Banjo, Lead Vocals
    • Colin Ramage: Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, Tenor Banjo, Whistle, Month-organ, Banjo, Bohran, Lead and Harmony Vocals.
  • Musicians
    • Bobby Millar: Double Bass & Bass Guitar
    • John O'Rouke: Keyboards
    • Niel Manderson: Scottish Highland Pipes
  • Credits
    • Produced by Dave Gilfillan
    • Recorded at Pierhonse, Granton Square, Edinburgh
    • Recording Engineer: Peter Haigh

Sleeve Notes

SOUND THE PIBROCH — "tha tighinn fodham" - I will rise and follow. A stirring song that tells of the disastrous Battle of Culloden Moor.

CARRICKFERGUS — The dying wish of an Irish immigrant to return home to his country and the girl he left behind.

THE MASON'S APRON — Cohn letting rip on the tenor banjo - "clap along".

HIELAND HARRY — A lament from the '45 jacobite uprising. Harry goes off to join the prince's army, never to return.

BLACK JACK DAVEY — Our hero, a woodsman, takes off with the lord's daughter and lives happily ever after - "don't they always"

SPANISH LADY — A young man tells of seeing a spanish lady, at midnight in Dublin, washing her feet and drying them over a fire - "obviously strong drink was involved"

THE FINAL TRAWL — With the fish stocks dwindling, boat owners are selling or scrapping their boats. For the fishermen, this is not so much a loss of employment, but a way of life.

THE LORD OF THE DANCE — Always a popular song when we play it no stage, we tried to keep the spirit of our stage performance when we recorded this song "lively, up and at them - " so sing along!!!

HIELAND LADDIE — A song of the sea. We made up one of the verses and Peter Haigh,the recording engineer, unwittingly gave us another. So you can invent a few for yourself, - "but try to keep them clean"

WHISKY ON A SUNDAY — Since including this song in our repertoire it has proven so popular with audiences that we had to include it on the album.

RATTLIN' ROARIN' WILLIE — A cracking Burns song! Willie goes to the market to sell his fiddle for much needed provisions only to be enticed into spending all his money on drinks for all!

THE ROLLING HILLS OF THE BORDERS — A beautiful song by the late Matt McGinn telling of his love for the people and countryside of the border region.

THE MINGULAY BOAT SONG — Scotland once had a thriving fishing industry but with the demise and the changing of ways, Mingulay is now uninhabited.

LEEZIE LINDSAY — A song of seduction the suitor is rich and handsome and promises his bride everything he has "What More Can A Girl Ask For"

I WISH I WAS HUNTING — A fast and furious finger licking, tongue twisting Tommy Makem Song!!

I'LL TELL MY MA — An Irish Street song, we had lots of fun recordiug this so we hope you enjoy listening to it. P.S. If you listen carefully you can just make out the kitchen sink!!