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North Sea Gas   •   Scottish Destiny

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  • Scottish Destiny
    • 1993 - Scotdisc CD ITV 585 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. Freedom Come All Ye (Hamish Henderson)
    2. Air Fa La La Lo
    3. Follow Me Up to Carlow
    4. Massacre Of Glencoe (J. MacLean)
    5. Willie's Gang Tae Melville Castle
    6. Bonnie Dundee
    7. Leaving Of Liverpool
    8. Bright Blue Rose (J. McCarthy)
    9. Dawning Of The Day (Scottish Destiny) (R. Williamson)
    10. Ye Jacobites By Name
    11. Caledonia (D. McLean)
    12. Jig O' Slurs, Atholl Highlanders, Caliope House
    13. Wind In The Willows (A. Bell)
    14. Kishorn Commandos (G. Menzies)
    15. Maries Wedding
    16. Molly Malone

  • North Sea Gas
    • Dave Gilfillan: Guitar, Banjo, Lead Vocals, Percussion
    • Colin Ramage: Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Whistle, Flute, Mouth Organ, Vocals, Percussion
  • Musicians
    • Bobby Millar: Double Bass, Bass Guitar
    • Gerry McKenna: Keyboards (Tracks: 1, 4, 8, 11, 16)
    • Dave Vernon: Accordian (Track: 13)
    • Ian Forrest: Drums (Track: 16)
  • Credits
    • Recorded at Pier House Studios, Edinebrgh
    • Engineer: Peter Haig
    • All tracks: Trad. arr. North Sea Gas, unless otherwise noted.

Sleeve Notes

Freedom Come All Ye — Around the world there are still conflicts raging for independence and freedom. Maybe one day we can live in peace and harmony — the world over.

Air Fa La La Lo — A happy song translated from "Gaelic"'as long as the heart beats true to the lilt of the song' says it all.

Follow Me Up To Carlow — Why are there so many Scottish and Irish battle songs? The answer is quite simple, we did not win very many, so when we did win, we wrote hundreds of songs about it so no one would forget. This an Irish victory.

Massacre Of Glencoe — On 13th February 1692 Captian Robert Campbell of Glen Lyon and his men slaughtered the McDonalds of Glencoe. Although only about 38 were killed, 300 fled to the hills and many perished through cold and starvation.

Willie's Gang Tae Melville Castle — Our hero of this song forsakes the advances of four beautiful women to go and fight for his country."A brave man", stupid but brave!

Bonnie Dundee — The name given to the 'Earl of Claverhouse' who lost his life at the Battle of Killicrankie -maybe one day someone will find it and give it back — he misses it!

Leaving Of Liverpool — A sea shanty reflecting the life of sailers who have to live with a hard captain when they would prefer to be with their loved ones.

Bright Blue Rose — A song introduced to us by our good friend Harry Willing. Written by Jimmy MacCarthy and with beautiful lyrics and tune, we couldn't resist recording it!

The Dawning Ofthe Day — Another great song from the pen of the late Roy Williamson — in this song we let his words speak for themselves.

Ye Jacobites By Name — Not everyone wanted to fight for the Bonnie Prince and this was a song warning the Jacobites of deep repercussions.

Caledonia — Dougie MacLean captures the emotions we all feel for this country of ours.

Set Of Tunes; Jig O'slurs, The Atholl Highlanders & Caliope House — Clap your hands, stamp your feet, BUY THE BAND A DRINK

Wind In The Willows — Also called Bread & Fishes. This a wonderful song from the pen of Alan Bell.

Kishorn Commandos — As the song tells us, the work was hard building the rigs but the men were harder. Written by Gordon Menzies of the Gaberlunzie.

Maries Wedding — A celebratory song wishing Marie a long an prosperous life. Also known as "Step we gaily"

Molly Malone — A favourite Irish song of a Dublin Street trader. This song is always popular when we perform it live on stage "a bit of fun". We hope we have captured that fun in the recording stuido.