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Na Comharsana   •   The Thrashing Machine

  • The Thrashing Machine
    • 2005 - [no label] CD
  • Tracklist
    1. The Thrashing Machine (Eamonn Butler)
    2. The Travelling People (Ewan McColl)
    3. Cill Cais (Trad.)
    4. The Country Boy (Traditional, Eamonn Butler)
    5. Dream Girl (David Searson)
    6. Boycott in Mayo (John Kennedy, David Searson)
    7. Tipperary So Far Away (Trad.)
    8. The Faction Fighters (Eamonn Butler, Denis Carey)
    9. Hup Si Ra na nGearlatach (Trad.)
    10. The Hoof Paring Man (Eamonn Butler, Michael Moloney, David Searson)
    11. The Field Behind the Plough (Stan Rogers)
    12. Mary Ellen Carter (Stan Rogers)
    13. Shano at Ned O' the Hill (Martin Butler, Denis Carey)
    14. Sliabh na mBan (Trad.)
    15. Follow the Flag (Mickey McConnell)
    16. To Dolla I Will Go (John Kennedy)
    17. Templederry 2000 (Eamonn Butler)
    18. The Broad Majestic Shannon (Shane MacGowan)
    19. The Sons of Knocknagow (Eamonn Butler, Denis Carey)

  • Na Comharsana
    • Eamonn Butler: Lead Vocals (Tracks:1, 8, 12, 17 & 19)
    • John Kennedy: Lead Vocals (Tracks: 6, 11 & 16)
    • Michael Moloney: Lead Vocals (Tracks: 4 & 10)
    • John Quirke: Lead Vocals (Tracks: 2 & 7)
    • David Searson: Lead Vocals (Tracks: 5 & 15)
  • Musicians
    • Shane MacGowan: Lead Vocals (Tracks: 18 & 19)
    • David O'Connell: Fiddle
    • Tracey Ryan: Tin Whistle
    • Denis Allen: Acoustic Guitar & Bass
    • Denis Carey: Accordion and Keyboard
    • Martin Butler: Banjo & Lead Vocals (Tracks: 13)
    • Dan Fone: Harmonies on "Sliabh na mBan," & "Hup Si Ra na nGearltach"
    • Eddie Whelan: Bazouki on "The Field Behind the Plough"
  • Credits
    • Musical Arrangement: Denis Carey
    • Recorded at Denis Allen Studios
    • CD Duplication: Dutec
    • Layout: EFG
    • Cover Photograph "The Meeting of the Parishes" taken at Foilnamuck, by Joan Kennedy.
      • Autumnal view of Foilnamuck, Barnagore and Curryquinn.
    • Special Thanks:
      • Na Comharsana would like to thank, Martin Ryan, The Eagles Nest, Pat Dunlea, Dunlea Oil, P.J. Kelly, Kellys of Fantane, Kinnanes of Upperchurch and John Carroll, MCC, for their support.
      • We would also like to thank Shane MacGowan for his continued support and for recording with us on Tracks 18 and 19.

Sleeve Notes

Na Comharsana have recorded a number of songs that are original, some that are lesser known and are particularly relevant to their locality, but which will also have meaning to many people on a wider scale.

The Thrashing Machine rekindles memories of an important event in the rural autumn calendar.

The Travelling People paints a romantic picture of the life of travellers and remembers a way of life that is consigned to the past.

Cill Cais laments the departure of the benevolent occupants of the big house to the continent, after falling foul of the English king.

The Country Boy has an uplifting and jaunty melody and makes you feel like it is summer.

Dream Girl a song that starts with such romantic promise but there's a rude awakening.

Boycott in Mayo is a strong ballad in honour of the tenants of Co Mayo who took on and defeated Captain Boycott, giving a new word to the English language.

Tipperary So Far Away is a tribute to the great Tipperary patriot, Seán Treacy.

The Faction Fighters: Many people believed that faction fighting marked the darkest days of Irish history. It cannot be denied that it produced its heroes and it's tragedies and in it's day, fascinated the Irish rural population.

Hup Si Ra na nGearaltach is a sarcastic ballad, nearly two centuries old, from the Dingle area of County Kerry, it tells of the bitter feud between the Mannings and the Fitzgeralds. A major faction fight occurred between both families in west Kerry.

The Hoof Paring Man is an account of the action packed life of a modern day cowboy.

The Field Behind the Plough, written by the great Stan Rogers, describes the plight of the tillage farmer in Canada; it could just as easily describe the tillage man in Ireland.

Mary Ellen Carter another of Stan Rogers' songs, is a sea ballad with a powerful message.

Shano at Ned O' the Hill tries to relive the massive atmosphere created by Shane McGowan and the Popes at the Ned o' the Hill festival, Upperchurch, August 2001. The night however was tinged with sadness for Shane as his good friend "Tex" had died in a drowning accident, less than 24 hours before-hand.

Sliabh na mBan: Though the Tipperary anthem, it is one of the great old nationalist romantic ballads.

Follow the Flag is a powerful song and it clearly displays the futility of violence.

To Dolla I Will Go: A wanderer remembers his beloved and native place.

Templederry 2000: A victory song of Templederry's Intermediate County Final win.

The Broad Majestic Shannon a great song of times and people that are sadly no more.

The Sons of Knocknagow: Knocknagow, is the village created by Kickham and has become the spiritual name for Tipperary. The song celebrates the importance of the game of hurling to the people

The tracks with Shane MacGowan were originally released as a single (CD & Cassette) in 2001. Additionally, in my opinion, of all the Shane MacGowan guests appearance tracks I have heard, "The Sons of Knocknagow" is a superior track.