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Muzsikás   •   The Prisoner's Song

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  • The Prisoner's Song
    • 1988 - Hannibal Records HNCD 1341 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Rabnóta (Prisoner's Song) (Adpt. Sándor Csoóri)
    2. Eddig Vendég (The Unwelcome Guest) (Adpt. Sándor Csoóri)
    3. Azt Gondoltam, Eso Esik (I Thought It Was Raining) (Adpt. Márta Sebestyén, Péter Éri)
    4. Hidegen Fújnak A Szelek (Cold Winds Are Blowing) (Adpt. Sándor Csoóri)
    5. Bujdosódal (Outlaw's Song) (Adpt. Péter Éri)
    6. Repülj Madár, Repülj (Fly Bird, Fly) (Adpt. Péter Éri)
    7. Régen Volt, Soká Lesz (It Was Long Ago) (Adpt. Sándor Csoóri)
    8. Szerelem, Szerelem (Love, Love) (Adpt. Márta Sebestyén)
    9. Én Csak Azt Csodálom (I Am Only Wondering) (Adpt. Sándor Csoóri)
    10. Elment A Madárka (The Bird Has Flown) (Adpt. Muzsikás)

  • Muzsikás
    • Márta Sebestyén: Voice, Recorder
    • Sándor Csoóri: Bagpipe, Hurdy Gurdy, Viola, Vocals
    • Mihály Sipos: Violin, Zither, Vocals
    • Péter Éri: Bouzouki, Turkish Horn, Cello, Viola, Vocals
    • Dániel Hamar: Bass, Hurdy Gurdy, Vocals
  • Musicians
    • Antal Rácz: Zither
    • Levente Szörényi: Drums, Bass Guitar
    • Szabolcs Szörényi: Bass Guitar
    • Zsuráfszki Zoltán: Dance Effects
  • Credits
    • Producer: Levente Szörényi
    • Engineer: Jánossy Béla
    • Cover Design: The Fish Family
    • Cover Photo: Béla Kása

Sleeve Notes

Rabnóta (Prisoner's Song) — "The dawn appears in a different place today. They came and caught me in their nets. Now I sit in irons in the depths of the dungeon. Today I will hear my fate."

Eddig Vendég (The Unwelcome Guest) — "Up to now, you have drunk your fill and had a good time. Perhaps you would like to leave now. Come, landlord, and throw out this unwelcome guest!"

Azt Gondoltam, Eso Esik (I Thought It Was Raining) — "I thought it was raining but it's the tears I shed. Hold out your hand to me one last time and let me know you forgive me. My heart is breaking to know we must part forever. We share the same terrible fate, so speak just one last word so I will know that I stay in your heart".

Hidegen Fújnak A Szelek (Cold Winds Are Blowing) — "Cold winds are blowing which bring no good. I envy the bird his flight, while I am chained hand and foot."

Bujdosódal (Outlaw's Song) — "Turn towards the sunset, my noble horse. We are going together into exile. May the wind blow away the tracks we have made on our journey. Now I am sick and a long way from my home. No one speaks my language. They don't understand my sorrow. I will never see my home again."

Repülj Madár, Repülj (Fly Bird, Fly) — "Fly, bird, to sit on my sweet darling's soft shoulders. Take this letter to my family and my sweetheart. Tell them I am a prisoner in this dungeon and in irons up to my knees."

Régen Volt, Soká Lesz (It Was Long Ago) — "It was long ago and it will be a long time from now, when my sweetheart's arms will embrace me. She jilted me and I was left an orphan of love."

Szerelem, Szerelem (Love, Love) — "Love, why don't you blossom on top of each tree, so every boy and girl could pick you? I have already found a blossom and lost it again. What I wouldn't do to have my true love back again. I would drain the sea for her and pick the pearls from the sea-bed for her necklace."

Én Csak Azt Csodálom (I Am Only Wondering) — "It is only one day that I have not seen my darling, but already I am dying of grief. Look, I have cut my finger. I think I will die with no-one to dress it and comfort me. Perhaps someone else is looking into her eyes right now. Surely such anxiety will kill me!"

Elment A Madárka (The Bird Has Flown) — (To the memory of Gyorgy Martin) "The bird has flown away, the cage is empty. It sent a message that it will be back in the spring. But if it isn't back when the wheat is ripe, and certainly, if it isn't back when the grapes soften, then it will never come back."