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Maeve Mulvany   •   Irish Rebel Ballads

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  • Irish Rebel Ballads
    • 1972 - Rex RLP 772 LP
  • Side One
    1. Traveling Light
    2. James Connolly
    3. Old Alarm Clock
    4. Roger Casement
    5. Foggy Dew
    6. Fergal O'Hanlon
    7. England's Gallow Tree
  • Side One
    1. Johnston's Motor Car
    2. Tom Williams
    3. Erin Go Bragh
    4. Lament for Seán South
    5. White, Orange & Green
    6. Arbor Hill
    7. Up the Border

Sleeve Notes

Maeve Mulvaney has sung of our heroes in almost every village in Ireland. She has appeared in concert to packed houses in London, Glasgow, Berlin, and Zurich, not to speak of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and Belfast. For four years she was the toast of the festival of Kerry, where Film Producer Elkan Allan heard her and gave her the starring role in "Rebellion at Easter." She also appeared in the film "O'Donoghue's Opera."

She knew nothing of the troubles. But she listened at home. When she began to sing she remembered what she had heard.

When she sings her long black hair tosses violently making her look like a dark eyed angry angel, and she sings with bitterness of her country's struggle for freedom.

Butch Moore