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The Moonshiners   •   The Moonshiners

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  • The Moonshiners
    • 1968 - Shamrock Souvenir SSR 317 EP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. The Wild Rover
    2. Seán South
  • Side Two
    1. The Moonshiner
    2. A Mhic Mo Croide

  • Musicians
    • Brendan Hogan: Vocalist and Accordion
    • Nick Sharkey: Banjo and Bandolina
    • Muiris Kennedy: Guitarist
    • Chris Peters Tin Whistle
  • Notes
    • Brendan Hogan and Nick Sharkey are currently featured in The Moonlighters Folk Group.
    • Chris Peters and Muiris Kennedy are currently featured as a duo.

Sleeve Notes

The Moonshiners first performed at a charity concert in Dublin in November, 1963. Since then they have brought Irish music and song to audiences in three continents. Last year they performed in New York's Carnegie Hall, after a successful series of concerts in Bristol, Exeter, Blackpool, Birmingham and Coventry where the group's Irish rebel songs were received with enthusiasm.

In September the Moonshiners visited Hong Kong for the Convention where they entertained nightly at the Irish Suite Hong Kong Hilton. The group made some tapes for Hong Kong during their stay and have also achieved success with four record releases in the States.

On the home front, the Moonshiners have appeared at major events throughout the country including a Pioneer Association (Teetotal) meeting in Dublin! They have appeared on Telefis Eireann's Ballad Session, Late Late Show, Life of O'Reilly, Be My Guest, etc., also Radio Eireann's "Hoot'nanny" series.