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Will Millar   •   Will Millar and Some Mad Irishmen

  • Will Millar and Some Mad Irishmen
    • 1998 - Calabasas 62202-3 VHS
  • Tracklist
    1. Ramblin' Rover
    2. When the Boys Come Rolling Home
    3. Sweet Sixteen
    4. Salt and Pepper
    5. The Keeper
    6. Annie Laurie
    7. Rose
    8. Mary Mac
    9. Banjo Tunes
    10. The Unicorn (Shel Silverstein)
    11. Black Velvet Band
    12. Take Me Home
    13. The Moonshiner
    14. First Day on the Somme
    15. Whistle Tunes
    16. Fiddle Tunes w/Dancers
    17. The Water is Wide
    18. Murphy's Mother-in-Law
    19. Every Time I Drink Red Wine
    20. Steal Away
    21. Those Were The Days
    22. The Irish Blossom Special

  • Musicians
    • Will Millar: Vocals, Banjo, Whistle, Lude, Bodhrán, Guitar
    • Ian Millar: Vocals, Accoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass
    • Bob O'Donovan: Vocals, Banjo, Bodhrán, Fiddle, Mandolin, Harmonica
    • Davey Walker: Vocals, Keyboards
    • Dale Patrick O'Sullivan: Vocals, Drums, Bass
    • Vince Griffin: Vocals, Accoustic & Electric Guitars
  • Credits
    • A Unicorn Productions/Cumming Attraction Presentations
    • Created by Will Millar and Dennis Brown
    • Produced by Ian Cummings
    • Directed by Mike Ritchie
    • Exclusive Representation The Lyon Group, Inc.
    • Recorded live at the Christchurch Town Hall, New Zealand
    • Will Millar's New Irish Show "Rovers, Rogues & Romancers"…
    • Here's a hearty draught of good time Celtic music, songs and laughter

  • Notes:
    • While released in 1998, this concert was probably recorded around the same time as the Rogues & Romancers CD (released in 1995), or at least during the promotion of said CD.
      • The line up is almost identical—except Davey Walker.
      • Additionally, the video and CD include quite a few of the same songs.