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Will Millar   •   Songs from My Irish Rovings

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  • Songs from My Irish Rovings
    • 1997 - Calabasas 2196 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. The Last of the Irish Rover
    2. The Unicorn (Shel Silverstein)
    3. Farewell to the Life of the Rover (Ewan MacColl)
    4. Black Velvet Band
    5. Whiskey on a Sunday (Glyn Hughes)
    6. The Galway Races
    7. Come by the Hills (Gordon Smith)
    8. The Lord of the Dance (Sydney Carter)
    9. The Oarnge and the Green (Anthony Murphy)
    10. Years May Come (Nadre Popp, Jack Fisherman, Jean Claude Massoulier)
    11. Liverpool Lou (Dominic Behan)
    12. The Biplane "Evermore" (Martin Cooper)
    13. Barrett's Privateers (Stan Rogers)
    14. Goodnight Irene (Huddie Ledbetter)
    15. Wasn't That a (Celtic) Party (Tom Paxton)

  • Musicians
    • Will Millar: vocals and various instruments (not specifically credited)
    • Ian Millar: vocals, six & 12-string guitar, harmonica
    • Bob O'Donovan: vocals, fiddle, banjo, mandolin
    • Davey Walker: vocals, accordion, keyboards
    • Chris Nordquist: drums
    • Eric Rigler: Uilleann pipe
    • Sonya Jason: saxophone
    • Victor Baez: congas, bongos
  • Credits
    • Producer: Will Millar
    • Co-producer: Ian Millar
    • Executive Producer: Douglas Lyon
    • Arranged by Davey Walker and Ian Millar
    • Engineer: Andrew Bush
    • Recorded at Grandma's Warehouse, Los Angeles
    • Photographer: Bob Stane

Sleeve Notes

For thirty years, Will Millar as the leader of " The Irish Rovers", toured around the world on a wild unicorn ride. The songs on this album are the ones that helped make that band one of the most successful Irish folk acts of all times. The music was uncomplicated and joyful—everyone could sing along. Will took the music from the Irish street corners, where it was born, to the folk clubs in North America and then on to world stages as varied as New York's Carnegie Hall and Australia's Sydney Opera House. These songs rattled the rafters, from turn-of-the-century theatres in New Zealand, to'ice hockey arenas in northern Canada. They included songs like "The Unicorn" which sold more than 8.5 million copies and is still loved today.

Will Millar now tours the world with his new Irish show and the critics acclaim that it's "Onward and upwardl" His new band, "Some Mad Irishmen", were recruited from friends who are some of the best singers, musicians and entertainers to ever leave the Shamrock shore. They have taken the old standards and sparked new life into them. (Wait till you hear the new Celtic version of "Wasn't That a Party.")

With a Celtic resurgence sweeping the world, people are "discovering" these songs all over again. They are designed to lift the spirits and cure melancholy. We invite you to pour yourself a pint of your pleasure and sing along, or, take off your shoes and become your own Lord of the Dance with the jigs and reels. These favorites are like old friends who gather with good times in mind. They are a celebration of Ireland and the life of the rover, minstrel and storyteller that Will Millar created over the years. Join in with Will and "Some Mad Irishmen" and let the Hooley begin!

The group photo shot at The Great American Irish Fair and Music Festival at the Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia, CA, is courtesy of Bob Stane, my old mate and the original owner of the famous Ice House in Pasadena, CA, the discovery club of "The Irish Rovers" and a multitude of famous stars like Steve Martin, and my old friend Pat Paulsen, who sadly passed on just before the session began. As we recorded this album, I remembered the early days at Decca and Bud Dant in Hollywood, when we became cowboys in the "Virginian" at Universal pictures, as well as the high of our first tour "down under" with a number one hit for Joe Brown, one of New Zealand's first impresarios. I also recalled the camaraderie of all the good days when these songs were first recorded by my brother George, cousin Joe, "Big" Jimmy and me. What a rare ole time! I've been making this Irish music since I was ten. I love the life and the people who share it, especially all those who find the time to sing along, and to be a friend, and welcome us back. Thank God there has been a fine gathering of them. Long may we all be a part of these songs and the good time that go with them…everywhere.