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Will Millar

Will Millar   •   Make Believe Days

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  • Make Believe Days
    • 1976 - Stony Plain SPL 1002 LP (CAN)
  • Side One
    1. Make Believe Days (Will Millar and Bud Dant)
    2. Melanie (Mike Smith)
    3. The Dutchman (Mike Smith)
    4. Daffodil Lady (Will Millar)
    5. Country Joe and The Groupie (Will Millar)
    6. Winter World of Jacquelyn (Will Millar)
  • Side Two
    1. Laurel and Hardy (Ron Coden)
    2. M'Lady's Garden (Will Millar)
    3. Southern Comfort (Will & George Millar)
    4. Sunshine Song (Will & George Millar)
    5. Johnathan and Me (Will & George Millar)
    6. Woody (Will Millar)

  • Musicians
    • Will Millar: Vocals, Guitars & Mandolin
    • Al Weib: Lead Guitar
    • Jerry Sheff: Bass
    • Kat Hendricks: Drums
    • Hans Staymer: Harmonica
    • George Millar: Rhythm Guitar & Vocals (special thanks to my brother)
    • Carol Weib: Vocals
    • Robbie King: Piano
    • Derek Bramtton: Harpisord
    • Tracks: 5 & 7
      • Will Millar: Vocals
      • Tommy Banks: Piano, Vocals, arrangements & more
      • Paul Hann: Vocals, Guitars, Banjo
      • Trevor Dunn: Electric Guitar
      • Bob Walker: Bass
      • Tommy Doran: Drums
      • P.J. Perry: Clarinet
      • Don Evoy: Banjo
      • John Allen Cameron: Fiddle (courtesy of Columbia Records)
  • Credits
    • Produced by Will Millar & Holger Petersen
    • Recorded at Creative Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    • Engineered by Keith Stein
    • Tracks: 5 & 7
      • Recorded at Century II Studios, Edmonton, Alberta
      • Engineered by Les Bateman assisted by Rick Erickson
    • Mastered at J.A.M.F., Toronto
    • Remixed by Holger Petersen & Les Bateman at Century II
    • Photos by Bob & Diane Silk
    • Layout by Rob Storeshaw
    • Screening by Rob Davies.
    • Arranged by Al Weib

Sleeve Notes

There was a time — as long ago as yesterday
When I believed in Magic.
Spells and charms lurked in the wood
In patchwork fields of stoneclad hedges
In my early growing pains.
Surrounded by story-telling Grannies,
Button-keyed accordian Fathers,
Religious Bible-thumping Uncles and
Home-baked bread Mothers
In Irish country kitchens.
They all left me with a trace of Celtic madness
A Daylight Atheist! Ready with temper, years, and temptation.
With an imagination that even believed in "Unicorns".
I've stumbled close to some loving souls
One more than the rest left in me a pocketful of rhymes.
And an empty heart for loving.
Dwelling often on the past, I sometimes wonder was it all a dream,  
A daisy chain of Make Believe Days,
Once I penned the thought — "A man must look forward,
Turn all his songs mute, for youth can't be played on old battered flutes,"
Yet my flute today is as good or better than when  new —
So then, my boy, take it away
There's many more rhymes to roll
And tunes to weave and play.
— May I share a moment with you then,
For tho each man's daydreams are secret things,
I'm sure you'll find a trace of mine in yours,
Then you'll understand the songs I sing,
Songs of Make Believe Days