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Men of No Property   •   Ireland - The Fight Goes On — New Irish Political Ballads

  • Ireland - The Fight Goes On — New Irish Political Ballads
    • 1976 - Resistance RES 1003 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Home Soldier Home (Wyld)
    2. The Ballad of Rinty Monaghan (McIlvogue)
    3. Farewell to Newry Courthouse (McIlvogue)
    4. Three Reels: O'Rourke's Reel, The Road to Lisdoonvarna & The Cup of Tea (Trad.)
    5. Larkin (Trad.)
    6. The Citizen Army (Trad.)
    7. Slow Air: The Wounded Hussar and The Foxhunter's Reel (Trad.)
  • Side Two
    1. Steele and McAteer's Daring Escape from Crumlin Road Jail (Trad.)
    2. The Hungry Army (Wyld)
    3. Kitty's Bonnet & The Freeze Britches (Trad.)
    4. The Legend of Aileach (Trad.)
    5. The Slicks of Dooneen (Cleasa)
    6. If They Come in the Moring (Warsaw)
    7. The Epic Battle of Foxes Corner (McIlvogue)

  • Notes
    • Information on this release comes from outside sources.

Sleeve Notes

Home Soldier Home — An anti-recruiting song written and sung by Wyld.

The Ballad of Rinty Monaghan — In honour of Rinty, the lad from Sailortown who won the world fly weight championship, successfully defended it three times and retired Undefeated, Written and sung by Barney McIlvogue himself.

Farewell to Newry Courthouse — On March 10th, 1975 ten IRA prisoners, up for sentence for the horrible 'crime" of attempting to escape from Long Kesh camp, escaped from their cell in Newry Courthouse Hare it is. OK Fitzy? Sung by Whoriskey.

Larkin — A rare ballad of James Larkin (1876-1947). A revolutionary with vision. Sung by Betsy. Gray.

The Citizen Army — Another old ballad commemorating James Connolly and the Citizens Army, founded in the winter of 1913-14 and trained by Captain Jack White.

Steele And McAteer's Daring Escape from The Crumlin Road Jail — Although it is really traditional, McIlvogue claims it and Whoriskey sings it the escape happened during breakfast at Crumlin Jail Belfast on 15th January 1943. Hugh McAteer, doing 15 years for "treason", Jimmy Steele, Pat Donnelly, the O/C of Crumlin at the time and Ned Maguire, a slater, forced their way through the roof, dropped 40 feet using sheets, climbed the 20 foot outer wall using an improvised grappling hook and made their escape, despite McAteer injuring his right leg. £3.000 a man was the reward put on their heads but no one informed and that Easter Steele and McAteer appeared to an astonished and delighted audience of film goers at The Broardway Cinema, Falls Roads when the IRA took it over for an Easter commemoration.

The Hungry Army — A anti recruiting song ballad collected and sung by Wyld.

The Legend of Aileach — A 17th century folk song sung by Betsy.

The Slicks of Dooneen — A modern anti-pollution song written and sung by the astounding Pronsias Cleasa (trick), a sprightly 72 year old we discovered in a sheugh near Keady, County Armagh.

If They Come in The Morning — An anti-internment song written by an American comrade and sung by Whoriskey.

The Epic Battle of Foxes Corner — Old Derry street song shamelessly stolen by and sung by Barney McIlvogue. Foxes Corner is now, alas, no more, but there were many battles there. For the bewildered, "a wing" is a penny.