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Fee McGorman   •   Songs of the Irish Republic

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  • Songs of the Irish Republic
    • 1970 - Outlet BOL 4005 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Down by the Liffey Side (Fish & Chips) (Arr. McBurney)
    2. God Save Ireland for the Empire (Gilligan)
    3. General Munro (Arr. McBurney)
    4. Tribute to Barnes and M'Cormack (Gilligan)
    5. Castle of Drumbo (Arr. McBurney)
    6. Erin go Bragh (Arr. McBurney)
  • Side Two
    1. Show me the Man (McBurney)
    2. O'Donovan Rossa (Gilligan)
    3. Lament for Seán South (Gilligan)
    4. Gra Mo Croidhe (I Long to See Old Ireland Free) (McBurney)
    5. Kevin Barry (Arr. McBurney)
    6. Man from the Daily Mail (Gilligan)

  • Credits
    • Produced: Billy McBurney
    • Engineer: Cel Fay
    • Studio: Lloyd-International, Belfast

Sleeve Notes

In making this L.P. I find myself indebted to the members of the James Connolly G.A.A. and Folk Club in the Old House Albert Street, to Petesy Burnes and to Bridie Dolan for their help in compiling the material on this record.

Dermot O'Donovan Rossa — O'Donovan Rossa was born in Skibereen where he was editor of the local newspaper. For his dedication to the Fenian cause he was imprisoned, and after eighteen years was released on condition he went into exile, He lived in America until his death in a State Island Hospital. Hisbody was brought back to Ireland and buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin on August 1st, 1915.

Kevin Barry — This well known song was written in dedication to the eighteen years old Medical Student who laid down his life for the cause of Irish Freedom in Mountjoy Jail, Dublin on November 1st, 1920.

The Castle of Drumboe — Drumboe Castle in Donegal was formerly the charge of the British Army but after the treaty, was taken over by the Free Staters. On March 14th, 1923 three opponents of the treaty. Charles Daly, Seán Larkin, and Dan Enright were executed by Free Staters.

Lament for Seán South — On January 1st 1956 a daring raid planned on Brookeborough Barracks with the intention of securing arms. Unfortunately the execution of the plan was unsuccessful and Seán South from Limerick and Fergal O'Hanlon were shot dead.

Tribute to Barnes & McCormack — In Winston Green Prison, Birmingham on 3rd February, 1940 (Ash Wednesday) two Mullingar men. Peter Barnes and James McCormack were executed for their alleged involvement in an ex plosion in Coventry. After negotiations their bodies were brought back to Ireland and re-interred in their native soil in Mullingar on 6th July, 1969.

Man From The Daily Mail — This song was written after a "slightly" exaggerated report on Ireland in the twenties appeared in the columns of the well-known English Newspaper.

Down by The Liffey Side — One of the most rousing of all Irish Rebel Songs. It originates in Dublin but its sentiments are experienced throughout Ireland.

God Save Ireland For the Empire — Strains of "Mother England loves us still". We forgive but could anyone forget.

Gra' Mo Chroi' — From the song we gather the Author was dreaming. This is in fact the dream of all Irishmen and only Irishmen, taking heart from our historic heroes, can turn the dream into a reality.

Erin Go Bragh — Although the 1916 campaign was a military failure, our heroes had some victories. Let us remember these.

Show Me the Man — What other song could so amply express the sentiments of every true Irishmen.

General Monroe — The song is another ballad of the "98" rising by the United Irishmen. Henry Monroe was the leader of the United Irishmen at the Battle of Ballinahinch and for his part in the Battle was executed at Lisburn.

Fee McGorman