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Rory & Alex McEwen   •   Hootenannie 1

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  • Hootenannie 1
    • 1963 - Waverley ELP 120 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. The Diamond (Trad.)
    2. Bahamian Lullaby (Gilbert, Lofthouse)
  • Side Two
    1. Nicky Tams (Trad. arr. McEwen)
    2. The Fox (Trad. arr. McEwen)

  • Musicians
    • Rory and Alex McEwen: Vocal, Guitar
    • Fitzroy Coleman: Guitar
  • Credits
    • Recording first published 1963
    • Made in Edinburgh by Geo. Jeffrey Ltd. 23 Earl Grey Street
    • Waverley Records, Edinburgh, 3, Scotland
    • Printed by Warwick & Sons, LTD., Edinburgh, 15

Sleeve Notes

THE legend has it that once upon a time there was a foggy night, a lighthouse with a sick keeper, and a very remarkable woman. She sensed the danger of a situation in which ships were known to be near the light and stood on a point of rock and hollered till daybreak. From that day on she became known as Hooten'annie. The name caught on, the deed was told in song, and before long any happy sing-around became known as a Hootenannie — hence the title of this series of EPs by two of the most popular folk-singers in the English-speaking world. Two of the songs in this collection come from their native Scotland — "The Diamond," a rollicking sea-song, and "Nicky Tams," a lyric about the old country-style working trousers which were gathered below the knee with a length of string. The West Indies claims the beautiful "Bahamian Lullaby" and America is represented by "The Fox."