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Rory & Alex McEwen   •   Scottish Songs and Ballads

  • Scottish Songs and Ballads
    • 1957 - Folkways FW 6930 LP [10"] (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Lum Hat Wantin' A Croon
    2. Jack O' Hazeldeen
    3. The Lass 0' Patie's Mill
    4. Lowlands Of Holland
    5. Liezey Lindsey
    6. The Twa Rivers
    7. Father Adam
  • Side Two
    1. Sour Milk Cairt
    2. Ca' The Ewes
    3. Palworth On The Green
    4. Peerie Fairies
    5. The Craw Killed The Pussie
    6. Lo! What It Is To Love

  • Credits
    • Sung by Rory and Alex McEwen
    • Recorded by Kenneth S. Goldstein
    • Edited by Dean Gitter
    • © 1957 by Folkways Records and Service Corp., 165 W. 46th, N.Y.C., USA

Sleeve Notes



Seemingly tireless globetrotters, Rory and Alex McEwen made their first trip to America in 1956. This album was recorded in New York where they stopped to catch their breaths before plunging westward for a tour of the Rockies.

The McEwens were born in Berwickshire, Scotland in 1932 and 1935, respectively, and attended school in England.

Some of the songs contained here were learned from tradition. Others are the work of noted Scottish poets. Similarly with the airs, some of which they learned in their native Berwickshire, others they picked up while in service with the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.