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Johnny McEvoy   •   With An Eye To Your Ear

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  • With An Eye To Your Ear
    • 1968 - Target NPL 18264 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Portobello Road (Stevens, Fowley)
    2. Goin' Back (Goffin, King)
    3. Father Dickens (T. Swarbrigg)
    4. 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) (Paul Simon)
    5. Here There and Everywhere (Lennon, McCartney)
    6. I Don't Love You Anymore (Bill Anderson)
    7. Children Of the Street (Ledingham)
  • Side Two
    1. 'Cos, I Love You So (Peter Lee Stirling)
    2. Winged White Maiden (H.Kay)
    3. Yesterday's Song (C. Meehan)
    4. A Million Years or So (Roger Miller)
    5. So Long Marianne (L. Cohen)
    6. Bus 22 To Bethlehem (B.Cole)

  • Credits
    • Produced in Eamonn Andrews Studios by Bill Somerville-Large & Peter Lee Stirling
    • Photography: Michael O Reilly
    • Arrangements by Bill Somerville-Large & Peter Lee Stirling

Sleeve Notes

I was a stranger in a strange land (very strange?) when I first came to Ireland, three years ago, and in my lonely wanderings I chanced across a tavern of musical repute. Inside I found a room full of huge people — a huge room full of people, where much drinking was done to the accompaniment of music — except when one of a motley selection of singers sang — then the room was hushed, Guinness froth was left on lips; unwiped, cigarettes hung from lips; unlighted, there was silence till he finished when there was applause like no other I've heard, till he sang again, and again and again.

From this first time when I first heard Johnny McEvoy and came to know him, I was impressed and this admiration, appreciation, call it what you will, has grown as his stature, and he is now one of the very few native talents likely to succeed in a strange land.

I have watched him become a singer of presence, seen him work to achieve a high standard of professionalism, and he now stands above and alone — as the only solo entertainer in his own country — the youngest entertainer to ever fill Dublin's famous Gaiety Theatre for a week with his own show, to have his own television and radio shows, and to undertake several tours of the country; working to capacity crowds every time.

He is no stranger to the Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall, Belgian and German television, his records have sold all over the world to those who know; and this L.P. may be good — but he is better — immeasurably so, and so perhaps he too will soon be a stranger in a not so strange land, for I think (perhaps I'm biased) that here is a talent that cannot go unrecognised much longer.

N.H Harris

My gratitude and appreciation to the many musicians, both known and unknown to me, who helped to make this record.

Johnny McEvoy