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Eugene McEldowney   •   James Connolly the Irish Rebel

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  • James Connolly the Irish Rebel
    • 1968 - Outlet TOL 102 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Ireland's Fight For Freedom
    2. Men Of The West
    3. Ashtown Road
    4. Song Of The Dawn
    5. Song Of The Fenian Brotherhood
    6. Orange White & Green
  • Side Two
    1. Roger Casement
    2. James Connolly
    3. Connolly
    4. Arbour Hill
    5. Soldiers Of 22 (Brian Na Banban, Arr. McBurney)
    6. Memory Of The Dead (Ingram, Arr. McBurney)

  • Credits
    • Produced by Billy McBurney
    • Engineers: Pete Lloyd, Cel Fay
    • Studio: Lloyd International
    • Photo: Stanley Matchett
    • All tracks credited to Gilligan, unless otherwise note.
      • Track: 9, the poem "Connolly" is uncredited on this LP, it was written by Liam MacGabhann

Sleeve Notes

Ireland's Fight For Freedom: Even as far back as Elizabeth I Reign, Essex, her General in Ireland had to report back about the terror inspired by 'Wild O'Neill of Tyrone', Since then Ulster has given many sons in the fight for National Freedom, the latest being Feargal O'Hanlon who was killed in action at Brookborough on New Year's Day 1957.

Men of the West: Every part of Ireland has contributed to the National struggle, from Rebel Cork to Presbyterian Down & Antrim. This song by William Rooney tells of the landing of French assistance at Killalla and the limited success that the Connaught men had before final defeat. But the message is optimistic The Spirit of old is still with us, that never would bend to the foe'.

Ashtown Road: This song is about an ambush in which Martin Savage was killed. But another day will dawn when Irishmen will arise Ireland Unfree Shall Never Be At Peace.

Song of the Dawn: A favourite song of the IRA flying columns in the War of Independence 1919-1922.

Bold Fenian Men: The Fenian Brotherhood never inspired any successful uprising in Ireland but like many similar movements which met with apparent failure, they kept the torch of freedom alive and handed it on to later generations.

Orange White And Green: This song tells of the stout resistance shown by a young Irish girl in refusing to remove the Sinn Fein colours she wore. The girl is unknown but many of her sex braved similar threats to the present day.

Roger Casement: This song tells of the unsuccessful attempt by Roger Casement to land German guns for the 1916 Rising, his capture and execution for 'treason'. Casements wish was fulfilled in 1965 when his remains were returned to Ireland. Yet he still does not rest in his beloved Murlough Bay in Co. Antrim. He is not completely at rest.

James Connolly: One of the executed 1916 leaders. Connolly was also the leader of Irish Socialism and the founder of the Citizen Army which took part in the Easter Rising. Connolly was wounded in the fighting and was executed sitting strapped in a chair.

Connolly: This is a poem written by one of the British Soldiers who was on the firing squad that executed James Connolly May 12th 1916.

Arbour Hill: The Resting place of the executed 1916 leaders, this song commemorates the Easter Rebellion.

Soldiers of '22: The Treaty was not the final act in the long tragedy of the fight for Irish Liberation. Its immediate result was to split the I.R.A. into 2 warring camps, and a bitter and bloody Civil War ensued, with Irishmen killing former comrades in the fight against England. This song by Brian na Banban celebrates the Republican soldiers who held out for a 32 County Republic against the Free State.

Memory of the Dead: This beautiful lament by John Ingram commemorates the memory of all those who fought for Ireland whether buried in their native soil or no.