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Ed McCurdy   •   Song Of The West

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  • Song Of The West
    • 1967 - Tradition Everest TR 2061 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. When The Work's all Done This Fall
    2. The Cowboy
    3. Jack O'Diamonds
    4. Utah
    5. Punchin' The Dough
    6. Red River Valley
    7. My Gal on The Rio Grande
  • Side Two
    1. Along Side of The Santa Fe Trail
    2. The Days Of '49
    3. Strawberry Roan
    4. Poor Lonesome Cowboy
    5. When The Curtains of Night
    6. Old Texas

  • Credits
    • Cover Design: Edwin Francis

Sleeve Notes

Ed McCurdy is probably the most recorded of all American folksingers, having been put "on wax" by 8 Canadian and American record companies.

Ed started in music as a Gospel singer, back in Oklahoma City, that was in 1937, when he was 18 years old. He hails from Willow Hill, Pennsylvania.

By 1946 he was singing folk songs on the Canadian Broadcasting system, and in 1952, in New York, he started writing and performing in children's shows, both on radio and TV, utilizing his knowledge and love of folk music in these shows.

He has had a varied career, having done stints as a nightclub and theatre performer, as a radio announcer, and even served time in the art of burlesque.

All of the songs in this package are done in his own style which has developed through his many years of playing to the very "young'uns," whose music is basically that with a cowboy or folk song background.

Lee Palmer