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Liam Maguire   •   (Singin') Mr. Maguire

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  • (Singin') Mr. Maguire
    • 1970 - Release BRL 4006 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Cindy (Barron, Long)
    2. Irish Rover (Trad. Arr. Tate)
    3. The Old Lamplighter (Brown Clare)
    4. Kilgarry Mountain (Trad. Arr. Tate)
    5. Four Strong Winds (Tyson)
    6. Dirty Old Town (McColl)
  • Side Two
    1. Mr. Maguire (Trad. Arr. Tate)
    2. Country Boy Again (Morgan Field)
    3. Wild Colonial Boy (Trad. Ait. Tate)
    4. Looking Back To See (Unknown)
    5. Early Morning Rain (Lightfoot)
    6. 500 Miles Away From Home (Heely West)

Sleeve Notes

When Liam Maguire strides on-stage — be it in Dublin's Old Shieling or a dimly-lit nightclub in Spain — people sit back and listen! The bearded Irishman glances around at his audience, dark-glasses flashing under the stage-lighting, almost as if he were challenging them to utter a word. They called him 'The Wild Irish Rover' when he entertained the Canadian Forces in Germany and as he stands there gripping his guitar in a bear-hug waiting for absolute silence — YOU CAN SEE WHY !!

At last he strikes a chord, takes a deep breath and then launches into the sort of hand-clappin', foot-stompin', sing-along number which first made Trini Lopez a hit some years ago. The audience explodes into the greatest example of 'group therapy' you've ever seen and when Liam roars… 'You can do better than that'… they re-double their efforts to sing the roof off at that particular place of entertainment!

For his first LP, Liam has chosen a varied selection of songs from his vast repertoire. He ranges from Gordon Lightfoot's classic 'Early Mornin' Rain' to one of those famous sing-along numbers 'Cindy' and from the humorous 'Mr. Maguire' to the legend of the Wild Colonial Boy'.

This an album you will enjoy over and over again, so pop it on the turn-table and sit back for an ear-full of good-time sounds. By the way, if you find yourself tapping your feet, snapping your fingers and la-la-ing… THERE ARE PLACES FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!! (I mean, of course, in an audience where Liam Maguire is performing…well now, where else???).