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Jimmie Macgregor   •   Singing Our Own

  • Singing Our Own
    • 1970 - Holmes McDougall Ltd. Edinburgh 7157 0813 — 9
  • Contents:
    1. The Singing Bird
    2. Jug O' Punch
    3. Old Swansea Town Once More
    4. Theoldpiper
    5. A Bucket Full Of Mountain Dew
    6. The Miner's Lullaby
    7. The Wild Mountain Thyme
    8. The Derby Ram
    9. The Greenland Whalers
    10. Hares On The Mountain
    11. The Leaving Of Liverpool
    12. The Quality Of Mersey
    13. Windy Old Weather
    14. Love Is Teasing
    15. Sweet England
    16. The Wars Of Germanie
    17. Captain Kidd
    18. Brian O'linn
    19. Hot Asphalte
    20. The Irish Rover
    21. Johnny Todd
    22. The Laird Of Cockpen
    23. Still I Love Him
    24. Liverpool Lullaby
    25. Fail Oro We're Sailing
    26. The Frog And The Mouse
    27. Three Craws
    28. I Will Go
    29. Tiree Love Song

  • British folk songs from the repertoire of Jimmie Macgregor and Robin Hall
    • Collected and Edited by Jimmie Macgregor
    • Arranged for schools by William M. McIntyre
    • Illustrated by Gillian Humphrys

Jimmie Macgregor

Jimmie Macgregor is an ex-potter and teacher of Art and it was during his term of study at the Glasgow School of Art that he first became interested in traditional music. At a festival of Folk Music in Vienna he met Robin Hall, and on their return to London they decided to arrange a small repertoire of songs for use in the folk clubs which were then beginning to appear in the London area. That repertoire is now numbered in thousands, and their partnership, after more than ten years is more successful than ever. Jimmie and Robin are undoubtedly Britain's best-known singers of folk-song, and after countless television, radio and concert appearances, their popularity shows no sign of diminishing.

Their work involves them in thousands of miles of travel all over Britain every year, and they have taken their songs to many countries, including Hungary, Germany, France, Russia, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and Holland. No wonder, then, that this little book has been put together in trains, planes and dressing rooms. However, Jimmie is very interested in collecting and writing, and as, and when the pressure of his professional life decreases, we may expect to see some further editions of "Singing our Own"


In more than ten years as a professional singer of folk-songs, I have, with my partner Robin Hall, answered countless letters from young people all over Britain. So many of these letters contained requests for the words and tunes of our songs, that I was forced to the decision to present this selection from our repertoire. This little book, therefore, is not really my idea — it is yours.

Some of the songs here have survived generations of singers, while others have been created very recently by young people like yourselves; people who are interested in the world around them, and who have enjoyed putting their thoughts to music.

These songs are ours. They are the songs of our people and our country. You asked for them, and I hope that you will enjoy, "Singing our Own".

Jimmie Macgregor