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Danny Kyle   •   Heroes and Soft Targets

  • Heroes and Soft Targets
    • 1998 — Iona IRCD061 CD
  • Tracklist
    1. Music of the Loom (Peanickle - Ponickle) (D. Kyle)
    2. Galway to Grecaland Suite:
      1. Galway Bay (Colahan)
      2. Galway to Graceland (Thompson)
      3. Are You Lonesome Tonight (Handman)
    3. Messing About on the River (T. Hatch) / Perfect Day (L. Reed)
    4. Shift and Spin (E. McVicar)
    5. Midnight Special (H. Ledbetter)
    6. Keek - A - Boo (D. Kyle)
    7. The Lament for the Gordons (D. Kyle)
    8. Sacco's Message to His Son (Seeger/Sacco)
    9. Hermless (M. Marra)
    10. Glasgow Farewell (D. Kyle)
    11. Weary Hobo (G. Reeves)
    12. The Glasgow Pub Bus - Run to Ballyshannon (D. Kyle)
    13. Yawning Man

Sleeve Notes

The heroes are the songs, the people who wrote them, or caused theses to be written, the people who carried theirs around end shared them with us, the words and tunes that made us warm, cold, angry, sad, happy, cry, laugh, and in the process — made us strong.

The 'soft targets' are the people they were written for.

Thanks to Davy & Myra Spiers, for the use of the hoose.
To Brian MacNeil, for valour.
To Andy Thorburn, Dougie Pincock, Tomas Lynch, Fraser Spiers and Rab Mairs, the best bunch of 'musos' that I've ever had shout at me, and, not forgetting Peter Haigh at Pier House, the man with bigger ears than Mr. Spock.

We have retained the notes and lyrics as set out by Danny, keeping well within the guidelines he laid out. His sudden and most unexpected death left us in a bit of a vacuum, a space that has not yet been filled. This cruel blow to his young family, to folk music, to humour and to humanity can only be softened with the knowledge that Danny was a 'hero'…and he was also a 'soft target'.