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Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson   •   Live At The Philharmonic

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  • Live At The Philharmonic
    • 1992 - Sony Music Special Products/Monument AK 52415 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Late John Garfield Blues (J. Prine)
    2. Jesus Was a Capricorn (Owed to John Prine) (K. Kristofferson)
    3. Nobody Wins (K. Kristofferson)
    4. Jesse Younger (K. Kristofferson)
    5. Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) (K Kristofferson)
    6. Late Again (Gettin' Over You) (K. Kristofferson)
    7. Out Of Mind, Out of Sight (K Kristofferson, S. Bruton)
    8. Sugar Man (K. Kristofferson)
    9. Billy Dee (K Kristofferson)
    10. The Law Is for The Protection of The People (K. Kristofferson)
    11. For The Good Times (K. Kristofferson)
    12. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down (K. Kristofferson)
    13. Okie From Muskogee (M. Haggard , R. Burris)
    14. Border Lord (K. Kristofferson, D. Fritts , S. Bruton)
    15. Funny How Time Slips Away (W. Nelson) — Willie Nelson
    16. Night Life (W. Nelson, P Buskirk, W.M. Breeland) — Willie Nelson
    17. Me And Paul (W. Nelson) — Willie Nelson
    18. Mountain Dew (D.L. Lunsford, S. Wiseman) — Willie Nelson
    19. The Pilgrim - Chapter 33 (K. Kristofferson)
    20. Rainbow Road (D. Penn, D. Fritts)
    21. It Sure Was (Love) (K Kristofferson) — Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
    22. Help Me (L. Gatlin) — Larry Gatlin & Kris Kristofferson
    23. Me And Bobby McGee (K Kristofferson, F. Foster) — Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
    24. Whiskey, Whiskey (T. Ghent) — Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge

  • Musicians
    • Kris Kristofferson: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
    • Terry Paul: Bass
    • Donnie Fritts: Keyboards
    • Sammy Creason: Drums
    • Stephen Bruton: Lead Guitar
    • Mike Utley: Organ
  • Guest Musicians
    • Rita Coolidge, Willie Nelson & Larry Gatlin
  • Credits
    • Recorded Live at the Philharmonic Hall in New York City, December 2, 1972
    • Producer: Fred Foster
    • Digital Producer: Nick Shaffran
    • Digital Mixing & Mastering: Don Meehan

Sleeve Notes

Kris Kristofferson — "Live!"

You have heard many of his well-established songs sung by the all-time greats! Artists like Janis Joplin singing her infectious version of "Me And Bobby McGee," Johnny Cash's unforgettable rendition of "Sunday Morning Comin' Down" and Ray Price's classic interpretation of "For The Good Times."

Now, for the first time, you can experience Kris singing, in his inimitable style, a live concert performance of these classics and more! Recorded in 1972 at Philharmonic Hall in New York City, this concert, which includes duets with Rita Coolidge and performances by unscheduled guest artists Willie Nelson (who had not yet achieved "superstar" status) and Larry Gatlin (prior to his first hit record), proved to be a memorable event in music history. Though far from their own familiar territory, in attendance that night were such luminaries as Ronnie Hawkins and Ramblin' Jack Elliott, as well as Kris' protêgé John Prine, whose "Late John Garfield Blues" opens this once in a lifetime show.

So sit back, close your eyes and get swept-up in the magic of an historical evening with Kris Kristofferson in concert.

Nick Shaffran (April 6, 1992)